Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's in a Cake? That makes a Girl.

Picture reference

So you're average working guy, who works in an office in front of a computer but your dating a girl. One day she decides to bakes a cake, or a slice or something sweet.
You scratch your head and wonder why on Earth she went to all that trouble to make something like. All guys want to eat is meat or a stew or something meaty.

She wraps it up nicely and puts it in a tin, all cut in squares or presented in a cake box.

So here are some theories I have on the whole sweet baking concept and it's relationship with the softer sweeter sex.


It all goes back to cavemen times where women would be at home while the men would be out on dangerous and arduous hunting trips and spreading genetic material. However back in the cave, where it was warm, cosy and the women needed to do something they would bake. It was a good way to preserve food so it would last over the winter months because it help dry out the meat to stop decomposition.

However there was a deeper meaning to all of this, firstly it's a symbol of a woman's love for her man! Her concrete, everlasting and undying love for you. In one piece of baking are all her dreams hopes and affections. This is pretty serious stuff i reckon so us men must really take it serious.

How dig yourself out of a hole

What happens if the cake or slice is burnt?
Be honest and man up and say it's burnt. Girls love honesty so just be honest. However what you say now is crucial to a good relationship, "Sweet heart it was the thought that matters and you've gone to all this trouble for me, I Love them!!! Plus a hug or kiss will seal the deal for you.

OK so here's the low down, why do you think it's burnt? There are 2 answers here; firstly if its her first or second attempt at baking sweet things then it's inexperience with the machinery namely the oven. She has yet found the correct setting and worked out which gas mark to put it on thus following the instructions and not calibrating it to local conditions. Stop there don't ever tell her that or you'll get a baking pan over your head.
Secondly, she's overdone it with the sugar content. Since sugar burns at a very low temperature due to the nature of it's bonds in the molecular structure which girls don't really know about because " girls are sugar and spice and all things nice."
However the deeper meaning to all this is, she's a kind hearted girl and always wanting to give her man more than what he deserves sometimes. So eat up.

So it's the end of another week and the forecast for this weekend in Sydney is rain and showers so us men might be expecting a few more cakes, slices, cup cakes, brownies and sweet thing wrapped up in paper. The moral of the story is, if your girl is baking your in a sound relationship that will blossom over time, you just have to be a man about and your wonderful girlfriend bake to her hearts content.
Maybe even take her to her to the movies allowing her to choose whatever movies she likes and win a her a toy from those blasted claw game because she's spent hours BAKING.

Have a lovely weekend all.