Thursday, September 15, 2011

Over the threshold

Well, everyone thought my writers block was not going to clear, however like all good chamgpange, the fermentation takes time and when you wait long enough there will be a good reaction, boom a flute full of pure passion. Lets just hope that this entry will be smooth and light, yet refreshing on the pallet as the seasons change and the buds and blooms of spring form a procession of beauty in our eyes.

I would like to welcome all returning readers and new readers to my blog and I hope that the reading will encourage you in your everyday lives and look at life in a way that turn a mundane train trip to a symphony of colour, sounds and smells.

So over the threshold, what does this mean? Literally when a newly married couple return from the blissful honeymoon and they enter the threshold of the new house a man must carry his bride over the threshold. There is great symbolism in this move, I have always wonder what it meant and I will try my best to explain what it means. Firstly, in ancient times it was believe the bride would carry her baggage, mainly emotional to the new relationship. Therefore, the bridegroom with all his strength must not let her toes touch the ground from the gate of the entrance to the atrium of the house. IF the bridegroom fails this, I am sorry to say you're going to be stuck with many hours of hmm hah from your beloved.

Since I did carry my bride over the threshold I have been blessed with only a few hours of hmm hah. I must admit marriage life is just great, it's like have your best friend hang out with you all the time, and when we heard we were getting another member to our family I was shocked, suprised and diselusion. simply wonderful I say.

However, over the threshold doesn't mean you can just sit back now that you are married> I have discovered marriage required you to step up your game even more. The great battle has only begun. keeping the passion intense between husband and wife presents new challenges. For passion time to happen you need to keep the enemy at bay.
These battles include the husband defeating the plague of dirty dishes from the west. I have some key strategies to defeat this enemy, and keeping your stamina for victory celebrations.
Firstly, meet the enemy in battle with the right frame of mind and a full belly. Like all great battles always attack the foot soldiers first, in this case the utensils, include forks, spoon and knives. Call for reinforcements from your lovely wife, you need a hand now to dry while you machine gun down the plates and bowls. As the battle goes on, your enemy will lodge wave after wave of 20tonne JD AM bombs, if you had a roast dinner with desert it's going to be a long battle. The best way to motivate yourself is always have a refreshing drink waiting for you in the supply depot for when the battle is won.

Once the main battle is over, it's time to clean surfaces and rinse down the collateral damage. Now you have a clean battlefield for the next time you face the enemy. Remember always rinse and if you have time wash and dry after all meals, so that you won't will have more time for intense passion.

However, just as soon as you begin to become complacent, your beloved is out to get you. It's an enemy from behind the lines. Here we go, how to combat this silent assassin, you don't know when or where but the answer is simple. Destroy it straight away, one of the greatest battles so far against has been the bombing of Shower harbour by the sunrise kamikaze bombers. This was a short and fast attack where she dumped large volumes of dirty bombs with speed and accuracy. The sheer size and speed of this attacked blocked Shower harbour so fast that the inhabitants where trapped. However, the ministry of interior defence had a newly develop weapon which was used for smaller attacks in the past. Shower harbour was clean and it was gleaming awaiting it's next attack.

With your brass gleaming, and the battle over for the time being, life at home is peaceful and surreal. One great man once said, peace time is blissful, when the battle was bloody. So the harder you fight the greater the victory.

I must admit marriage is just a spectacular vocation. There are soo many variables, life is just not the same everyday. One day you could be eating noodles, the next it could be ravioli, sometimes there is milk with cereals while other days it could be juice and croissants. Now I must make some recommendations about what to do over the next couple of days.

When I was proof reading my work, It came to me that I need to write a disclaimer saying to the men who do follow this advice and win their battles. THAT they might not be not guarantee passion time.

The weather in Sydney is expectant to be hot, so why not go to the beach. So pack a towel, some sun screen and some swimmers because swimming is menu, with sparking Shiraz. Sparkling Shiraz would be my drink of the spring season.
It's like drinking a Shiraz, with the peppering flavour, mixed with a bubbles, basically eating a Vietnamese seaweed salad, where you get the strong sour flavours but the light textures of the seaweed.
Next on the menu would be a 1 dollar cheese burger. I have been wondering how a cheese might taste like for 1 dollar. If you're not a cheese burger then I'll go for some soft shell crab.
Cheese burger, soft shell crab, and sparkling Shiraz what a combination.

So don't be indoors over the weekends, go for Spring, swimming, Sparkling Shiraz, cheese burger and Soft shell crab, get that down your Gob as my wife would say.

Thank you and see you again all.
Deo Gratias.