Thursday, June 24, 2010

Country stability, WHY WE NEED THE TEA LADY?

So it's been a big week for average Australians, firstly our beloved Socceroos put up a great fight to qualify. However, they were probably distracted about the how our prime minister was usurped putting the country into civil unrest. I can hear the riots and glass breaking down stairs.

Woeful cries can now be heard! Who can the average Australian turn to? According to Truong, the humble tea lady is the answer.

What is a tea lady?
A tea lady is a woman in an office or working environment, whose sole job is to provide beverages (chiefly tea) and light snacks during the allocated tea break. Tea ladies are a mainly British custom. They were either present in a works canteen, or perhaps came round with a trolley, on which was usually a tea urn full of either hot tea or hot water, and perhaps a selection of cakes and buns. ( 2010).

Imagine a nice elderly lady, gentle like your mum, and is always interested on how your day is going, and when your doing something silly she'll tell you straight up for example cleaning the tea room because she's not responsible for cleaning up your mess.

This week out of all week, I am requesting all work places to relax and start consider the benefits of having a tea lady visiting our dull grey office cubicles with her rainbow assortment of sweet and savoury products.

The benefits to the economy
Economics is an key element in all work place so why the tea lady is benefit to the economy.
Firstly, she doesn't demand a huge salary, the members of the tea club pay for her wages, and her product sourcing usually support small business.
Secondly, we are giving women a chance to start a business in their older years. Work places generally are filled with youth and expanding the age bracket really helps younger workers with aspect of respect and learning from a older generation.

Finally, the tea lady helps to stimulate local economy through her purchases of tea, tea pots, tea cosy, tea tray, tea cakes, Vegemite and cheese scrolls, sausage rolls, lamingtons, chocolate or strawberry eclairs, and poppy seed cake. If you think of the macro and micro economy the trickle down effect is mesmerising.

The social benefits
Lets put it this way, who wouldn't want a nice cup of tea brewed in a pot combine with a cheese and Vegemite scroll. A happy computer worker is a efficient worker. I wonder if the labour party had a tea lady, if they did I think our country would have won the world cup and be world leaders in pyramid building.

Things to do in Sydney
So another week ends in Sydney and your wondering what there is to do in the middle of winter? Winter is one of the best seasons to start dating because there is more time spent in doors to talk, girl usually like to talk so if your wondering where to go on a date. Sydney has answers how about all Korean BBQ at Shinara on Pitt st followed by ice skating at the Sydney winter festival. Not only do you get a nice table top BBQ which will surely start some embers, you get to hold hands while trying to ice skate outside St Mary's cathedral.

Well that ends another week of according to Truong. I hope everyone has a great weekend and not get into too much trouble.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I love my parents, now.

(Thanks dear! I love this new hat you bought for me, now I can chop wood to keep you warm back in our love cabin.!)

Boy, what a lovely week. Sydney has really show how beautiful it can be in the mid of winter. Not only she is blue, and clear, you can even wear a T-shirt and walk your dog without your toes freezing off. Deo gratias Sydney is the number one city in the world. So another week of according to Truong.

This week I have been thinking, I really love my parents. I wonder why it has taken me this long for all this to happen. So here it goes.

So from the ages of 0-15 you rely on parents for everything. Lets see from nappies, to peanuts, to watermelons, to those great birthday parties. Oh those birthday parties with the homemade spring rolls, fried rice with pork sausages followed by a water fight ending with a hose spraying all the girls. Then life moves on, and then your parents buy you, your first suit and you become rebel. You disagree with everything your parents say. I guess the bird is finding it's feathers and another bird.

Bummer now your at the stage when you think your wiser and better than your parents, you leave the country for a few years and realise life is great at first but no where is better than home. The grass seems green in England, but does it taste as good or when you lie down in your bed are your toes dry I am serious ARE YOUR TOES dry. Well my weren't.

Returning home. What a feeling sorting your life out, your parents are so helpful and still treat you like a little child. It feels great I don't know why we ever left home. I guess coming home your have a fresh outlook on how great your parents are.

Well I hope that most people realise this and give their folks a nice big hug, or a good old conversation. Because the only people that will never leave you are your parents.

WOLRD CUP FEVER has hit Sydney. So if you like staying up late and eating maccas, kebabs, and yerros. Sydney has a few live sites all around this great city. I rec commend watching some of the games to enjoy the experience of this great game of Football the World game.
PS I have world cup fever, so I just wanted to write about how I love my parents.
So have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you all next week on According to Truong

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So your getting married! How to buy a ring!

After two weeks of torrential down pour in Sydney, we have been blessed with lovely sunshine I must admit how nice it is to get new dry underwear on after 2 weeks of soggy clothes. Great news as well because we are celebrating our beloved Queen Elizabeth II birthday Long live the Queen. So here is this weeks installment of according to Truong.

So I am getting married (probably). Oh deary me, it's a big move because the most advanced life form I have ever been responsible for has been my pet dog. So getting married is a huge and enormous step for chick magnet like me, it's comparable to owning from a 50cc scooter then moving to a 600cc race bike. Your going to get whip lash. Blimey! so here is some advice on what to do when your relationship is heading in that direction. Marriage!

Well for a guy, your probably standing there, in your talcum powder coated boots, hands in your hoodie pockets with a bad headache like you've had too many Tooheys Pils. Congratulations, you've reached the point where you know the girl your dating is the one you'll spend the rest of your life with, the one who is always right, and always gets her way even if it means driving back to see if the stove has been turned off. Where to next?

Firstly, dip your toes to test the coldness of her heart. If she warms to the idea then you know that your big ring purchase won't end in a 80% lost in value when you trade it in. Now that you know that she might say yes to your proposal you have to build up the guts to physically go shopping and pretend to buy earrings or jewellery, maybe let her try some rings on.

OK I know, they are bloody expensive for something so small, you could buy yourself a whole collection of knives, or a rifle with scope, a small fishing boat with trailer or even a fast motorbike to ride into the danger zone.

Ring realities.

The law states that it must equate to 6 weeks pay so lets work around that range. Number one rule of ring buying is never buy on impulse and especially don't be forced into a purchase. From my experience buy from an independent shop which has a good reputation. I personally chose to purchase from an Korean store because since living in Korea I have found they are very honest and respectable people. I would steer away from other Asian places due to the short cuts they will take in producing the final ring. The reason for this is that, at this store it took a while to produce the final product, the steps involved producing the ring, sourcing and verifying the diamond with a independent gemological lab and then bringing it to a diamond specialist to put it all together.

The results were brilliant, literally and I am well pleased with the results because it is a lifelong commitment and it should show how committed you are to the whole process. Now that you have a really big headache the best way to solve this problem is to buy yourself a pizza or you'll get a stomach ache as well from all the worry juices in your stomach.

Go on now, once you've got the permission from the old man, find a place get down on one knee and slip it on. Don't ask do it. Because if you distract her first with the light from your glittering ring, she'll be stun for a moment where she'll be giddy and dizzy and you'll get the answer you deserve.

It's been a tough week to figure what to write about on my blog, but I think this topic needs to covered because maybe most men need abit of help with buying an engagement. My second job was at a Goldmark store in pitt street thus I am a pro with buying jewellery.

Like always, what to do this weekend. The weather is predicting a cold but clear weekend for this Queens birthday long weekend. I would suggest getting in touch with our British heritage and embark on a patriotic journey to the Lord Nelson (battle of Waterloo)in the Rocks, this pub has an open fire place with real wood burning. If your adventurous Blackheath has a nice pub which also has a wood fire with real wood and good pies in a deep bowl and the plates are pre-warmed. While if you want to return to the grand Tudor era, the Camden Inn is a great place to dine, remember to eat in the Tudor room because it has Tudor booths and windows.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Date! Guys ask, Girls accpet please?

After a long week of debating on whether to write about boots or dating. Dating came out on top and here I have the pleasure to write about one of my favourite topic Dating.

So it's been a busy week for you, the young man who's looking for a young bride. Where to meet? What to do?, and where to next?

Thousands of thoughts storm through your head as your heart pounds, and your supra orbital vein throbs as you prepare to set forth to be a trailblazer, as you set your goals on something mankind was made for. The Chase of Courtship.
Even though the caves of the Paleolithic, have now become the cafes of Paris the same basic principle is still evident. Cavemen fall in love with what they see, and Cave women fall in love with what they hear. So what must men do, ask!

Pictuure reference

Where to meet?

This is simple, what are you looking for? You always get what your looking for, WYSIWYG. This simple acronym applies greatly to what your looking for. It's easy if your looking for someone you can share your life with, you would like to look for places that require commitment, dedication patience and determination, Church, sport, work.

So all these places are great places to meet get to know someone on a regular basis. Now you the man must cast your net, you've spotted a few fillies but are unsure of which one to choose. Don't worry she will choose you, when you see her you'll be awestruck, lost for words, your senses will tingle, your mouth will salivate and sometimes you might turn down food just to get a longer look at her! But don't look to long or she'll think your a prevent. (Tip if your local church/sport/work group goes to the beach wear sunglasses.)

What to do?

Now this step is difficult for both man and woman. The man having ponder on whether or not, should I or shouldn't I. Before you set off on any journey you must prepare yourself. Firstly, be clear of your intentions, be clear and concise when your talk (practice), be yourself with your unique style and plan on how to execute it. Like the caveman of old you need some encouragement from your fellow cavemen. From this meeting you'll might get vital information you'll need plus they'll buy you a drink to set you on your way.

So your ready, you have your plan and encouragement juice from your mates. The moment you were made for has arrive, your clear that this first date you could be going out with your future wife so it's all in. Now to begin! Please ask or don't wait to talk to her privately in a public place where she can only hear. On the very first date, you must take her to a public place, to an environment where you are most comfortable in. If your like Bear Grylls (My hero), take her on picnic where you can share cut up raw food with a large knife, then light a fire with a flint, this will ensure you'll light up the sparks one one or another.
So now for being clear and concise, speak with confidence, be clear of the time and place, be concise about when she will be picked up and when you will drop her home. A girl always likes to know the plan, it will make her feel comfortable and secure.

Phew big moment for you the girl, because you need time to think and take it all in. Politely avoid eye contact and go into super soliloquy mode. There not much to think about here because the guy has been clear and concise all you have to do is accept and delay the pick up time by 1 hour so you can get ready. This seem to be a great strategy because it will give the man time to settle his hormones on that first date.

Where to next?

For him: Polish your boots, your car, brush your teeth a girl always likes a man on how nicely he can smile at her and finally wear clothes! Now be early, ready to win the heart of your woman by chivalrous flattery. Examples include opening doors (this works both ways because you won't scratch your car on the car park pylons and your door won't get slammed).

Pay for everything, to indicate you can provide for her, and try to buy/pick/hunt or barter something for her so she can remember the date.

For her: I am not an expert in this department! But make sure try not expose yourself indecently because you want him to respect you for who you are and your personality. Try to be interested when his talking about cars/sport/or wood carving because he is just as nervous as you are.

So another working week has come to an end. The forecast in Sydney is for showers so it's perfect dating weather. For example the Vivid lighting production Starting at St Mary Cathedral following the harbour. This way there will be talking, walking, and maybe some hugs for bodily warmth.

According to Truong, Guys be bold and ask, girls please accept?

Picture reference