Thursday, June 24, 2010

Country stability, WHY WE NEED THE TEA LADY?

So it's been a big week for average Australians, firstly our beloved Socceroos put up a great fight to qualify. However, they were probably distracted about the how our prime minister was usurped putting the country into civil unrest. I can hear the riots and glass breaking down stairs.

Woeful cries can now be heard! Who can the average Australian turn to? According to Truong, the humble tea lady is the answer.

What is a tea lady?
A tea lady is a woman in an office or working environment, whose sole job is to provide beverages (chiefly tea) and light snacks during the allocated tea break. Tea ladies are a mainly British custom. They were either present in a works canteen, or perhaps came round with a trolley, on which was usually a tea urn full of either hot tea or hot water, and perhaps a selection of cakes and buns. ( 2010).

Imagine a nice elderly lady, gentle like your mum, and is always interested on how your day is going, and when your doing something silly she'll tell you straight up for example cleaning the tea room because she's not responsible for cleaning up your mess.

This week out of all week, I am requesting all work places to relax and start consider the benefits of having a tea lady visiting our dull grey office cubicles with her rainbow assortment of sweet and savoury products.

The benefits to the economy
Economics is an key element in all work place so why the tea lady is benefit to the economy.
Firstly, she doesn't demand a huge salary, the members of the tea club pay for her wages, and her product sourcing usually support small business.
Secondly, we are giving women a chance to start a business in their older years. Work places generally are filled with youth and expanding the age bracket really helps younger workers with aspect of respect and learning from a older generation.

Finally, the tea lady helps to stimulate local economy through her purchases of tea, tea pots, tea cosy, tea tray, tea cakes, Vegemite and cheese scrolls, sausage rolls, lamingtons, chocolate or strawberry eclairs, and poppy seed cake. If you think of the macro and micro economy the trickle down effect is mesmerising.

The social benefits
Lets put it this way, who wouldn't want a nice cup of tea brewed in a pot combine with a cheese and Vegemite scroll. A happy computer worker is a efficient worker. I wonder if the labour party had a tea lady, if they did I think our country would have won the world cup and be world leaders in pyramid building.

Things to do in Sydney
So another week ends in Sydney and your wondering what there is to do in the middle of winter? Winter is one of the best seasons to start dating because there is more time spent in doors to talk, girl usually like to talk so if your wondering where to go on a date. Sydney has answers how about all Korean BBQ at Shinara on Pitt st followed by ice skating at the Sydney winter festival. Not only do you get a nice table top BBQ which will surely start some embers, you get to hold hands while trying to ice skate outside St Mary's cathedral.

Well that ends another week of according to Truong. I hope everyone has a great weekend and not get into too much trouble.

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