Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Date! Guys ask, Girls accpet please?

After a long week of debating on whether to write about boots or dating. Dating came out on top and here I have the pleasure to write about one of my favourite topic Dating.

So it's been a busy week for you, the young man who's looking for a young bride. Where to meet? What to do?, and where to next?

Thousands of thoughts storm through your head as your heart pounds, and your supra orbital vein throbs as you prepare to set forth to be a trailblazer, as you set your goals on something mankind was made for. The Chase of Courtship.
Even though the caves of the Paleolithic, have now become the cafes of Paris the same basic principle is still evident. Cavemen fall in love with what they see, and Cave women fall in love with what they hear. So what must men do, ask!

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Where to meet?

This is simple, what are you looking for? You always get what your looking for, WYSIWYG. This simple acronym applies greatly to what your looking for. It's easy if your looking for someone you can share your life with, you would like to look for places that require commitment, dedication patience and determination, Church, sport, work.

So all these places are great places to meet get to know someone on a regular basis. Now you the man must cast your net, you've spotted a few fillies but are unsure of which one to choose. Don't worry she will choose you, when you see her you'll be awestruck, lost for words, your senses will tingle, your mouth will salivate and sometimes you might turn down food just to get a longer look at her! But don't look to long or she'll think your a prevent. (Tip if your local church/sport/work group goes to the beach wear sunglasses.)

What to do?

Now this step is difficult for both man and woman. The man having ponder on whether or not, should I or shouldn't I. Before you set off on any journey you must prepare yourself. Firstly, be clear of your intentions, be clear and concise when your talk (practice), be yourself with your unique style and plan on how to execute it. Like the caveman of old you need some encouragement from your fellow cavemen. From this meeting you'll might get vital information you'll need plus they'll buy you a drink to set you on your way.

So your ready, you have your plan and encouragement juice from your mates. The moment you were made for has arrive, your clear that this first date you could be going out with your future wife so it's all in. Now to begin! Please ask or don't wait to talk to her privately in a public place where she can only hear. On the very first date, you must take her to a public place, to an environment where you are most comfortable in. If your like Bear Grylls (My hero), take her on picnic where you can share cut up raw food with a large knife, then light a fire with a flint, this will ensure you'll light up the sparks one one or another.
So now for being clear and concise, speak with confidence, be clear of the time and place, be concise about when she will be picked up and when you will drop her home. A girl always likes to know the plan, it will make her feel comfortable and secure.

Phew big moment for you the girl, because you need time to think and take it all in. Politely avoid eye contact and go into super soliloquy mode. There not much to think about here because the guy has been clear and concise all you have to do is accept and delay the pick up time by 1 hour so you can get ready. This seem to be a great strategy because it will give the man time to settle his hormones on that first date.

Where to next?

For him: Polish your boots, your car, brush your teeth a girl always likes a man on how nicely he can smile at her and finally wear clothes! Now be early, ready to win the heart of your woman by chivalrous flattery. Examples include opening doors (this works both ways because you won't scratch your car on the car park pylons and your door won't get slammed).

Pay for everything, to indicate you can provide for her, and try to buy/pick/hunt or barter something for her so she can remember the date.

For her: I am not an expert in this department! But make sure try not expose yourself indecently because you want him to respect you for who you are and your personality. Try to be interested when his talking about cars/sport/or wood carving because he is just as nervous as you are.

So another working week has come to an end. The forecast in Sydney is for showers so it's perfect dating weather. For example the Vivid lighting production Starting at St Mary Cathedral following the harbour. This way there will be talking, walking, and maybe some hugs for bodily warmth.

According to Truong, Guys be bold and ask, girls please accept?

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  1. You still managed to talk about boots too :p ("Polish your boots")