Thursday, May 19, 2011

The bridegroom speaks to his bride

Salutations, welcome and hello I know everyone has been waiting for the next installment of According to Truong. I do apologise for not writing for the last month. But like my dad say don't kill a snake and leave its head because it will come back and bite you in the leg. So I don't like to write blogs which are a half attempt or it will come back and bite me.

So you are probably wondering why it has taken so long for a new blog entry, the reason being I am now married to my wife of 2 year courting. So thank you all for your well wishes and I am please to say that married life is the best.
On this special occasion, it brings me great privilege to share with you all the wedding speech have a lovely weekend and do go out and enjoy our lovely city of Sydney and surrounds.

Introduction and welcome

Today the 7th of May the Year 2011, AD, a beautiful day, a wonderful day, a glorious day.

It’s a miracle to be here, Deo Gratias,

We give thanks to almighty God for all his blessing and graces for bringing together such fine people here to celebrate our wedding.

I would like to welcome everyone!! all you here present.

Especially our families, the Gresser’s and the Vu Nguyen’s.

Additionally a warm welcome to Lucy’s extended family who have travelled from far and wide to be with us today.

You so very kind to be here today Thank you.

Firstly I would like to say a few words in Vietnamese


Thank you.

Address to Family &bridal committee.

One this day, we would like to thank both our parents, for all the effort they have gone through from the start of our relationship to this point in time

our wedding.

I am overjoyed that God has blessed us both with such wonderful parents.

They are full of wisdom, they are caring and generous in whatever they do,

be it cooking roast chickens or spring rolls, to making skirting boards or floating floorboards. Lucy and I would like to thank you Mr and Mrs Gresser, and Mr and Mrs Vu Nguyen.

Secondly, a heartfelt thank you to my dear brother in law Fr Laurence Gresser, who from the very start, never lost interest in me and encouraged me in my faith to have the bravery and guts to take a risk.

He was there to support me from the early courtship to the moment I asked for her hand in marriage.

I know it has been a long and painful journey for the both of us, but through this pain and suffering

I know there has been many blessing and graces.

I personally know that in my pain I would remember always remember these words from our Lord Jesus Christ.

venite ad me omnes

qui laboratis et onerati

estis et ego

reficiam vos

Come to me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you.

Next on the list we have Father Wong, the man, the Priest, and a friend. Father Wong, has always been clear and concise with me,

Especially when I asked to join the seminary to become a priest, good stuff he turned me away. Father Wong’s marriage preparation classes were perfect for Lucy and me.

The reason for this was that, when you put two strong willed people together you are going to have an explosive situation with arguments. Marriage prep was our home ground where we fell in love all over again.

Monday morning emails at work were always Good morning darling, compared with Fridays’ blank ones.

Thank you Father Wong, and I look forward to using all the guidance from you in our marriage and I promise to listen more intently to all your sermons.

Now to our lovely bridal party sitting beside us.

As per the custom Ladies first and my heartfelt gratitude to all of Lucy’s beautiful bridesmaids.

I would like to start with Anne Oniel, she has been the circuit board of our relationship she is very logical and never makes rash decisions.

She has been wonderful helping with all the preparations for the wedding and her commitment towards organising family events.

Jane Gresser, without Jane I think Lucy and I would have not a safe haven to go to when we are upset with each other.

Jane and John have been inspirational to our relationship. We look up to Jane and John in times of happiness and sadness, I know that every time Lucy is upset with me for some bizarre reason she will always have a logical ear on the other end of the phone to talk to.

Beth Kendrick, Beth is not only a close friend of mine but she was the friend who introduced me initially Lucy.

I know you have been told by Lucy on numerous occasions of our meetings both at WYD 2008 and at PJ Gallagher. Where it was like “hi Truong this is my friend Lucy, and my reply was a humph,

Luckily for me, Beth was persistent to keep us together.

For the grunt and guts of this operation, the groomsmen.

Starting with Chistopher Wolter, not only did he single handily supervise the entire courtship, bachelor night and mass booklets.

He has also been a great moral support for us, our very own St Thomas Aquinas.

When Lucy did not want to go out with me,

Chris was the go to man for spontaneous un planned dates to Franks pizza or the White cockatoo hotel.

Secondly William Quach, he came a bit late to the relationship but has been my best from primary.

I am very proud to have such a backbone to rely on especially when Lucy and I feel like some Korean food or a nice pub meal at PJ Gallaghers in Strathfield. He has not only been a wonderful chaperone on our dates, but has allowed me to stay over to watch Chinese kung fu movies.

William has been a wonderful friend to us, and on this day I can say that his honesty and sticky by his principles has really shown through.

Lastly, Little Joey, all I can say is that without your 12th birthday pool party, I wouldn’t be standing here marrying your beautiful aunty, thank you Joey for inviting me to your birthday.


Well the moment you have all been waiting for the wedding speech, the big wedding speech from the bridegroom to his bride.

As you are all aware, It is I Truong the author of According to Truong series

The blog is a series of commentaries about relationships in this modern world where I can share insights about my own personal experience

However when I was preparing this speech I found out the only stumbling block was that I couldn’t possibility tell the world how beautiful, perfect and amiable Lucy my wife is

In such short wedding speech.

I would need to write volumes of books and classified them like the Britannica from amiable to bold, correct to honest, loving to mesmerizing, perfect to tantrums.

If I were to write these books, I still, Would have even more to say about Lucy.

But on this wedding day I would like to show the world a tiny glimpse of how wonderful Lucy really is.

It is such a tiny glimpse it can be compared to that of a hairline facture, so tiny, that only small atomic particles can pass through.

In these three chapters I would like everyone to sit or stand, or hold the hand of someone next to you and if you are inclined to weep maybe weep on a shoulder.

The three chapters are titled The Courtship, then the broken leg ordeal, and married life.

The courtship

Starting right here in this courtyard, coming back from a long journey in search of what life was all about.

I came out of the Latin mass stunt and daze like a doe eye deer.

But God works in mysterious ways.

From across the courtyard, there was a beaming smile and look of a reassurance coming from a beautiful blonde girl.

This was Lucy Gresser, teacher, sister of the priest, loved by many.

She approached me and talked with me, from that moment I knew this is the girl I will marry.

How come I was so blind the other times when I met her,

I was like Paul of Tarsus blinded by God until he reached Damascus.

It was as though after attending Latin mass, being blasted from the pulpit, the scales fell from my eyes.

I really wished they had fallen off the first time I met her at WYD.

I would still have my motorbike, and a healthy bank account soul searching is really expensive.

If I only knew, all I had to was go to my local Latin mass, open my eyes and see the beauty which was standing right in front of me.

Absoultely breathtaking

In the months that follwed, I had to see a doctor because I was diagnosed with AMORE LUCIA aegretudo commonly known as “I love Lucy” sickness.

This condition has a number of symptoms which include publicly declaring ones love for Lucy. Sleepless nights and endless frustrations about the countless rejections.

Many long car trips listening to Jane Austen audio books and researching Jane Austen.

And attending numerous Church functions here at Maternal heart.

There was only one cure for this, I thought to myself what I need to do is take a step back and let her decide.

She decided on the 13th of December 2009 we had 2 weeks of official dating and she was off overseas, to return in late summer.

Oh my heart has not yearned for another as it yearn for Lucy’s home coming in those long weeks.

The broken leg.

Love was blossoming like that of a tulip, emerging from the cold earth is spring.

I was like a gazelle dashing through the savannah.

Not a predator in sight. The world was full of colour, dazzling smells and each date was better than the last.

With our love in full spring, I put my foot down on the gas pedal and headed straight for marriage.

No one was going to stop me, not even the good advice of family and friends.

We were two young lovers ready for marriage? Well I thought I was.

I had a completed checklist, girl, yes, house yes, job yes marriage OFCOURSE YES.

However, God has other plans for you. He is a funny man up there, making the weak strong and the strong weak. In my case.

As I was running to keep fit, I ignored the weather and slipped on wet cement. Not only did I break my leg, I broke it in two places and it required surgery.

Marriage was on hold for a while now.

At this stage of our relationship, Lucy fell in love with weak and helpless Truong, and I Truong fell in Love with Lucy all over again.

Her patience in attending to my body functions while lying their helplessly, in my hospital bed. Her many hours sitting by my side and retelling the endless love story of little nut brown hair and big nutbrown hare.

and how they vow to love each other not only to the moon, but back again.

So tireless was her love for me, she even combined my favourite foods into the same meal.

I know in my heart, blue stilton Cheese and Korean Pancake should taste really good but in my stomach that was a whole different affair.

In those months, she became my legs and through her I learnt true humility.

Lucy you are the most humble person I have ever met, and you are an example of our Lady bearing the cross with Jesus on the way to Calvary.

Lucy you were always there by my side ready to be my support when my suffering was greatest. Thank you

Without you Lucy, I think I would have not healed from my broken leg.

Married life

From this day forward according to Truong begins a new chapter and it will be titled according to Truong, doubled checked by Lucy!

What does married life mean to me? I have pondered over this question countless times, I have also read many books, consulted many people.

But married life to me simply means that under the guidance of the Holy Catholic church Lucy and I can express our love in a more deeper, more fulfilling and more intimately way.

That’s right you all know I am thinking about, making life.

Up to this point in my life, I have never truly understood what it means to trust someone with their whole being.

Body, mind and spirit, but I am confident that I can trust Lucy with all of these.

As we enter into marriage I know that I have someone to share the last scoop of ice cream with,

I know that when I am sick, I will have help getting to the bathroom.

I know that, when Lucy is happy, I will be happy and when she is sad, or upset my heart will be woeful.

Married life for us will be like two individuals, from different polar caps, meeting, joined by holy matrimony, and finally allowed to share a nice warm bath together.

I know in my heart that married life with Lucy will be the greatest adventure I have ever been on, an adventure that will never stop.

Hang on Wait aminute. However upon closer examination I must inform you that here written in the fine print I can see.

IT READS also included in this package 3-D polygrammic vision, ultra vectoring thrusters, and cosmic distortion functions, Best bundled deal I have ever signed up for. Gee whiz.

My dear Lucy, I am the luckiest man alive and I thank you for choosing me to be the man you will spend the rest of your life wife.

Dearest Lucy Margaret

I love you, not only the moon, but back again and again.

More thank you.

I know that at this point in time, we are all rearing to socialise but I have to say thank you to a few special people for making this day possible. All the behind the scene crew work. That’s right all the people helping with preparing the church on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

My 3 sisters, Hong Phuc, Kieu Diem, Hong Nhung and there lovely fianc├ęs for the extra hours they have contributed to the wedding, Especially Robert who has done a marvellous job with printing out the Mass booklets.

Additionaly I would like to also thank them for just being my sisters, for all the happy, memories I have shared with them, as I start my new life with Lucy

I thank them for those happy times and wish them all the best with their upcoming weddings.

The maternal heart of Lewisham community, a really wonderful and special community

A special mention the Jakovics for bringing in the glamour and beauty for this occasion and all the meals we have had in their house.

The choir lead by Joanna Todys and Anthony Ellsmore without music I would be falling asleep at church so from me personally thank God for the choir.

To crown catering, and all the wonderful food they have provided to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

And one Final thank you to all who have prayed for us over the last 2 years,

All our deceased family and friends and all the saints up in heaven smiling upon us,


St Joseph, the role model for all men,

St Fancis Xavier my patron saint, we all know that if he were alive today, he would be super cool and drive a convertible

and St Lucy, who is the bearer of light that I will need to guide me in the darkness to the promise land.

Deo Gratias.

(Darling it's time we go forth to plight to each other our troth)