Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deo Gratias

Dear All, it's been a whole year and what a wonderful year it has been, if you have been following the according to Truong series, I would like to applaud your patience because Truong is a very complex human being and following the situations in the blog would have been a difficult one. But thank you once again dear readers.

Lets get stuck into it, and talk about the most controversial item of the blog. GIRLS and BAKING.
This topic for me has been the talking point of most conversations and I have not only been the centre of scrutiny but also gained a few kilograms in the process. I must admit women do love to prove a point and the point has been made that they surely can bake. From Mars bars slice to awesome RACE TRACK chocolate cakes with tiny teddy race car drivers on a liquorice tarmac.
However I am yet to taste Lucy Gressers famous cheese cake assortment. I am sure it will be coming in the near future.

But my Akubra straw hat goes off to Tiny Teddy race car drivers in Marsbar cars with, smarties alloy wheels. Awesome. If a girl can produce such a cool cake, and they accidentally burn it. It doesn't matter because If it has some sort of car/racing/engine theme it is a WINNER. Chequered flag and all.

Now, lets us not stick to just cakes, there are also party pies, pizzas, roast meats, jacket potatoes.
And lets not forget famous roast chickens with stuffing and gravy. What about using other mediums of cooking not only can you use an oven, you can even use a camp fire. One important thing I have learnt from this series is that baking is at the heart of every women, and not only can they bake beautiful things to eat out of love. But the most beautiful form of baking is bringing lovely children into this world as they idiom goes "I've got one in the oven". So my formal felt Akubra really goes off with a bow and formal proclamation saying thank you.
So even if it's overdone, there will always be a miraculous ding at the end with a smile.

Well I hope that everyone has enjoyed the series this year and this will be the last broadcast before I go on holidays for the year, I would like to start writing these blogs again after I have come back from Tasmania with the famous Frassati group.

Now what can we do in Sydney this weekend? It's going to be a big weekend if you're don't have any plans then thats a good thing. Because I would stay home because of all the crazy shopping that will be going on this weekend so be careful not to trip or fall. So have a Merry Christmas that is fill with peace and Joy of celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ with the people you love most in this world. Deo gratias.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to rescue a damsel in distress series

Good morning WORLD, what a marvellous Friday, the sun is gleaming through the dark rain clouds that have loitered around our summer skies this week. Don't you just hate loitering! But not to worry it's gives men more time to prepare themselves for the upcoming summer. I would like to start this next edition with, how to save a damsel in distress, once you have fixed her car and driven to the beach. However she or one of her friends is caught in a rip current and needs your assistance. The second part of this blog I would like to help you men with how to choose that perfect Christmas present your beloved.

Part 2, What do I need to help a struggling damsel in distress in a rip current.
This is huge, you've just fixed up the car and now you and the damsels are swimming. Oh no, one of them has been caught in a 25m rip current! There is not much time here to loiter. You're a man of ACTION and decisiveness. However, do not panic because Truong will help out here.
Thanks to our Australian climate in Summer it is best to load up your trunk with a minimum 50-60 litre Esky. I have noticed that they have wheels now so its a great way to relax on the beach with an Esky. Now why on Earth do you think an Esky is important here? Well the lid is basically a personal floatation device which can save lives.

So item number 1 on the list for saving a drowning damsel in distress is always load up a large Esky (if there are Americans and English reading, i guess its called an Ice Box).
So now you have to run to where your Esky lid is, run back into the rip current, use the Esky lid as a floatation device and slowly help her back to the shore line. Remember to pay attention to the waves and always wait till a large set of 7 breaking ways to crash before making your way back to shore NEWS BREAK, SWIM sideways. Using the Esky lid will help with controlling the situation.

Above diagram displaying a typical Australian rip current with DYE

Now your safely back on the shoreline, ask her if she has swallow much water? if she has it is imperative you call an ambulance. Most beaches will have a beach marker number on the sign so remember to quote this so the services can rush to the scene. If the she didn't swallow any water, then pop out an ice coconut tea and soak up the sun, You've just saved a life.

In conclusion, buy an Esky, save lives, keep drinks cool.

Christmas present gift guide for gentlemen
Now, as everyone is aware it is really hard to buy a present these days that will satisfied the woman you love. So what to do in this situation, if you are like me, you really detest getting stuff that is made in China, and will not stand up to the test of time then how about making a present from scratch.
Making a present you say? What should I make? That's entirely up to you, I believe that every man deep down has a DIY gene and using this caveman instinct you can make something. I have seen over the past Christmases for example beautifully carve wooden boxes, or a nice water colour picture, or even my specialty a diorama of a scene that has happen during the year.
You have 3 weeks left so get your act together and make something, you can even put a Made in Australia sticker on it.

So I won't keep you any longer, lets make an effort here and make something for Christmas.

SYDNEY activities this week? This weekend is jammed packed if I hear any complaining about err "there is nothing to do in Sydney", I am going to get off my computer chair and get my mother's extra Strong Thai fish sauce, and If you have been watching Luke's Nguyen Vietnam cooking adventure, I am going to saturate you with FISH SAUCE. So that you'll be extra so tasting the sharks in Sydney harbour will find you a delicacy.

So here is the list

1. V8 Supercars final series, wow a whole weekend of adrenaline pumping action with the V8 super car finals, Tony Hawk and an awesome hard rocking guns and roses concert. I think if I go to this my year would be complete.
2., thanks to the awesome people at the ROYAL Australian Navy.
3. Get working on your Christmas present.

So that's it from according to Truong this week, DEO Gratias.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to rescue a damsel in distress series

Salutations dear readers, summer is finally upon us and as the temperature rises and the humidity goes pass 80%. There will more and more damsels in distress because they are outside and in the open air. So what can a man do this summer to prepare himself to rescue a damsel in distress. So welcome to the Summer survial guide series of According to Truong. In this series I would like to write about what are essentials a man needs this summer, to be that man who can save the day. Over the next few weeks be prepared and get ready to understand why McGyver was such a ladies man. Stephen ZENG who sits at this location-33.877080, 151.210823 this is going to be super man-ly after reading this I can guarantee you'll have a thick and glossy beard.

Topic 1. Summer road trip to Far north Queensland.

Lets place ourselves in the situation, two young guys looking for adventure. Driving in a used commodore or camry towards Cairns or Townsville. The temperature is shooting pass 35 degrees and the humidity is unbearable. Over the past 15 hours from Sydney you have probably been wondering why did you go on this trip, where you could be at home playing Assasin's creed.
Well the temperature is unbearable now and your travelling at 110km/h and it's late afternoon and you really want to go for a swim. But as you are roaring off the highway into a remote beach, whilst driving through the lush vegetation, the sweet sea breeze filing your lungs with exciting, you put your board shorts on in the car in anticipation of the cool water. You notice a damsel in distress through the lens of your polarised sunglasses. She and her female companions have parked their car on an uphill section and they are just looking at the billowing white smoke coming out of her car.
Well what are you going to do in this situation? Keep driving? or stop and try to help

Well this is going to be interesting if you stop you will need tools and this next section I will help you prepare yourself and be like McGyver to be that hero who can save that damsel in distress. Or in this situation a school of Damsels.

Rightio, lets start here you have now pulled over with your friend, so the damsels are already confident there is nothing fishy here. Your wearing board shorts and a smell faintly of Oasis coconut flavour ice tea, you're wearing a XXXX or bundy rum t-shirt becauseyou don't want to get busted up by the locals when travelling in far north Queensland. With all this apparel they can relax and accept your help because they now know you're not like that Wolf Creek serial killer guy.

Step 1. Be confident
Speak clearly and slowly. Damsels in distress are generally people of the sanguine nature and will probably be very emotional. Offer her an Oasis Ice tea and say. It looks like the car is just over heating, it's a small problem and happens all the time it shouldn't be hard to fix right here on the spot. I'll see what my mate and I can do.

Step 2. Examine the problem
Now that you have the situation under control have look around the engine bay, you will notice that the radiator hose, that runs from the radiator to the engine has a small crack in it. Big bummer. This is a common problem with sanguine women who don't have much knowledge of cars and servicing. Generally rubber hoses break in more frequently in summer due to the extremes of temperatures and general usage.
" Now stay calm, and ask how's that Ice tea, it's my favourite" When you have a question and reply in one sentence it really spins girls out because it will put them in a more relax mood some how.

Step 3. Produce the goods.
Firstly, you will need a the ever dependable Leatherman, probably the best and coolest multi tool all men should have. Secondly, on road trips carry extra water, roughly 5 litres and always try to keep it that way. Thirdly, always keep some sikaflex in the boot it's a multi-purpose sealer. Too easy hey if you can't find any sikaflex use chewing gum. Do you have electrical tape? well get some now. Sorry lads this is the painful bit, you will have to cut some of your rubber off your thongs to help her out, because no way on earth she is going to give you any of hers so don't bother asking. Guess you'll have to survive barefoot for a while. Ouch hot sand.

Step 4 Can you fix it, Ofcourse you can.
She is probably smiling and admiring you now so don't blow it. Firstly you will have to wait till the radiator cools down but if there is a huge leak and lots of green or pink fluid is pouring out work quick. Firstly, get your beach towel cover the radiator cap so you can open it to release pressure. If you don't have a towel your going to get heaps of vapourise coolant all over, not smooth. If you are lucky and the the crack is near the end of the hose undo the clamps and cut that section off with your leatherman, and then crimp it back on with the Leatherman pliers. If not take off the hose use the rubber seal it, tape it.
Once everything is in place, fill up the reserve radiator bottle with water, clean water is best then turn the car on, with the hot air setting on the temperature setting. Then turn on the interior fan on full blast to run the new water through. Slowly add more water into the main radiator and let it run. It should be sweet now all you have do is say "We'll have another look to see if there is anything else wrong!Have a quick look around the car and check tyre pressure, then take the car for a little drive to ensure everything is running. Remember team work with your mate because you can't be a grass cutter and not share the glory.

Step5 Be gallant.
This is brill ant opportunity to ask them all if they need any more help, and invite them for a swim, because the car will have to cool down. So sit back and enjoy Oasis ice tea, coconut flavour is the one to go for.

In summary. Buy a leatherman (thanks Lucy for my one) or ask for one this Christmas "I chose you Leatherman Wave", buy marine grade Sikaflex, buy electrical tape and be the man or men remember team work. Well I have really enjoyed writing this piece about summer trips and damsels in distress. I hope you can join me again soon for more summer adventure in the According to Truong, summer survival series.

Gosh, Sydney weather has become so unpredictable but since I am confident it is going to be sunny and bright I am advising killing 2 birds with one stone this weekend. If you're looking for Christmas presents or you're helping to choose presents, why not head down to Berry and head to the cool looking Coo Coo clock shop I don't really know the name but they sell very interesting stuff. They have various presents and everyone will happy. Not only get all your Christmas shopping done in one shop, but you can go for a swim and eat fresh seafood in Kiama on the way back. Followed by a drink at the Jamberoo inn i really like this inn for it's charm and personality, plus i have never tried to the food so please someone, report back. Oh and if you forgot a present and wanted something handmade, drive up to the Benedictine monastery up to the hill, to the left. Deo Gratias

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spring fashion Review 3

Well it's been a rain drenched week, and how wonderful is this rain! I just love the sound of rain either softly or lightly falling on the roof of the colorbond carport. It's gives you the sense of regularity and puts you to bed in less than 10mins. Its been a while since I could remember such rain, since the mid 1990's me thinks? when I was an annoying asian ankle bitter, I could remember putting paper boats down the kerb side and see it slowly drift to sea via our stormwater systems. I wonder where all those boats sailed to? Could it be Vietnam or even as far as Madagascar. Well I hope everyone out there has had a productive week and all smooth sailing with our fair trade winds, oh and this month of November we remember all our deceased, especially our loved ones, our soildiers who have fought in numerous wars for freedom and all those who have died with no one to remember them . Requiescat in pace

In this next installment of according to Truong spring fashion review I would like to incorporate wet weather fashion. I have been catching the train lately to work and it's a horror story for my post surgery ankle, each and every surface presents an adventure and being Truong, I love adventure.
Well lets start at why I really hate umbrellas and the mass usuage of uncessary, useless, umerous,under-rated,utterly irritating Umbrellas.

Firstly, in Sydney where we are trying so hard to be So called environmentally friendly, we are buying these cheap and nasty umbrellas which require massive resources to make to keep our head dry. Not only most of them are made in China, they only last a few weeks and people discard them all over the place. They are an eyesore and a waste of money, resources and makes our beloved city look cheap and plastic.

So how do you dress for wet weather? Ladies first of course, beauty before brain and brawn. I have always been a believer of the coat! Ladies should wear the spring weight cotton version by various brands out there, but I insist investing a high quality English made one if the price is too high try European or Australian made or even Korean, but never chinese because you want to make an investment not waste your money. They are light weight and the styling on these coats will suit any outfit, go for the double brested red or creams because they will enhance the waist line of any woman once the straps are done up. I prefer lapels as well.

If coats are not your thing, the a leather jacket, full grain lamb is the way to go. It is water proof and the look is to die for. Buying something that comes in black, red, dark brown will be suitiable. It is easy to choose the colour here, if your 30 or under red is the colour of choice, if your over 30 brown or black is the way to go here. Easy.
Next how do you keep your hair dry from all this weather if your a lady? Well thats really easy, there are soo many hat shops our there. Generally wool or felt hats will go nicely, please choose hats in red to white spectrum of the colour rainbow. You can choose from a variety of hats, but I have always been a fan of small hats on ladies with a small brim> please see attached.

Oh, I almost forgot I am always hearing "my feet are cold and my socks are wet", could you turn your car heater to the foot flow function. I really hate when this happens because not only does it fogs the windscreen, it also makes me feet really hot and it's super annoying, but like always beauty before safety. So there it a solution please please stop your complains because there is such an easy solution here. Go and buy new boots, yes Truong is giving all the ladies out there to go shoe shopping. Sorry lads but sometimes it is a necessary occasion of shopping here, you must go and help buy wool lined boots with a slight heal,tightly fitted toe and a sole that can be re-sole as time passes by. I have seem many beautiful boots out there, buy ones made in Europe because they are the best. Furthermore, leather gets better as time goes by and it gives your man out there a job of keeping them polished and watertight. I suggest using KIWI brand, but I know other people out there like using Dubbin, cough cough Chris.

Now moving onto the lads, we lads are easy, simply buy a gortex jacket, or leather jacket, or simply get wet. Cover your head with a cap, hat or get wet. Wear shoes made of leather and socks. Remember to always polish your leather boots or they won't be water proof for long. So easy. Lets move on to this week's review of Review.

Formal wear Gracie Lace dress for that super ultra 4000CmsT date.

So it's the end of the year almost, and you being a man-man like the old spice guy you want to do the right thing by your girlfriend, or someone you have been admiring for a while. You decide to spend up big and buy tickets to "Noel" peformed by the Sydney Philharmonia or it's the fancy Christmas dinner or even the Society Ball. Wow this is the big date, and if you have been reading my blog over the last few months you have been Crystal clear about asking that one girl out on a date.

Well ladies now please accept because Truong is feeling gracious today because he is allowing you to go shopping for that end of year dress. Being Truong he hates shopping but according this blog it is a necessary occasion of shopping. Well lets start.

Gracie lace dress by review, why do I like this dress? Well just look at the colour its just magnificent it's like a beautiful Don Perignon Champagne or that lovely 1960's Gullwing Merc. It just screams class and elegance. All I can if ladies are dress like this, they will sure be treated like a Spanish princess.

Now onto the fitting, it graciously fit the lines of the body and it gives the user the choice of wearing a long jacket or coat if it rains, or simply a light weight woollen jacket so you can burden the man to carry it on your long walk back to the Sydney Opera house car park, or you have been a tight you've parked in the rocks where there is limited free parking.

Finally, with such a beautiful piece all i can say don't wear belts or over do the accessory because this one unit is a stand alone and it meant to be that way.

I hoped that everyone has had a lovely time reading this blog and that your weekend if filled with super fun enjoyment. Now your wondering why Truong is so hyped up about rain, well there is so much fun to be had when it rains because you can do indoor activities, and since I have been advocating shopping maybe it's time to take your lady friend on a shopping date. Sorry lads but it a shopping weekend indoors with savoury pancakes, eggs Benedict, smoked trout, followed by cucumber sandwiches, earl grey tea, followed by more eating slow roasted lamb with a glass of port.
I'll place my order of bangers and mash with dark Ale! Deo gratias

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spring Fashion review part 2, evening wear

Salutations readers after a great week we all deserve a good seat down next to a pint of Honey Mead. If you haven't try Honey Mead you best try it, it is the drink of the gods, I say gods because I don't want to be a heathen. It's been two weeks since my last blog and like confession it's best to get them done in 2 week blocks. So without much further delay I would like to present to you According to Truong's spring fashion review part 2 evening wear.

Before we start I would like to write about the feed back I have been getting back from my friend Osman quoting " why are you writing about women's clothing?". This is an easy question, if you do your research on clothing you can save yourself time when your girlfriend asks you " do i look good in this?" all you have to say, yes you look good because I chose it. By showing an interest from the start it will help you along the way. Secondly, as a man growing up with 3 sisters I know that every woman is different and has moods that change like the Botany bay tide. In that fact, showing interest in clothing will determine how you treat women if they are on display then things will go downhill, if they dress accordingly things will start to develop internally.

Now spring is upon us, and thank God we have long day light hours and with long day light hours come long strolls along the harbour side. So what can one lady wear on such dates or outings in this dynamic weather condition. Well if you have clocked off from work and don't have time to get change then this review of Review fashion will surely help you along the way.

Date attire for evening outings

Diagram 1, Left model with black and white peony silk skirt.

When I look at this outfit, I just step back and say woah, double woah. And gentlemen if you ever feel this way, say to your date" you look absolutely ravishing!!!" and remember to look at the right places to avoid getting slapped. Anyhoos lets get on with the review.
Firstly, from the bottom the skirt has a classical peony black and white print. This sort of print does not go out of fashion and can be seem in many cultures . The versatility will help you if your boyfriend takes you to a Asian or European restaurant it will go well at any place. Secondly, the length of the skirt will help mobility especially if your date takes you out to a salsa bar, therefore you can really set the dance floor on fire. So mobility and modesty really go side by side and it aims at promoting mobility and freedom when your on these awesome dates.
The top half of this outfit is complemented with a silk blouse and light weight biker jacket. I really love this biker jacket because of it's cut and how it fits the arms and waist of the female figure very well. Not only does it look great but it will keep you warm in the dynamic spring weather. As you are aware I am a big fan of bikes.

Diagram 2. Right model Scarlett skirt Ingrid blouse.

One word here, this outfit is pretty! It's a complete unit that incorporates that first social outing meeting at a location in the city. Good places to meet are the Hyde Park Fountain, or the steps of the St Mary Cathedral. This unit allows you to go to work and go for that date you have been putting off for a while. So if you've been asked out a few times and haven't said yes, then this outfit can help you with that awkward date. Firstly, this outfit says I am pretty and confident, I am independent and I am not in a rush to fall into your arms unless that man is going to try extremely hard.
Lets start this review from the top to the bottom. The top is made from a silk/polyester blend with a nice cut and fit from the neck and shoulder lines expressing the feminine figure in a well blended format similar to that of a Honda S2000, the most notably is the fitted short cuffs that personally I really like on woman especially when she has her hand on her hips like the model, because I know I am in trouble. It's so much easy to read body language if the girl is dressing in a language we men can understand.

The skirt is just stunning for the price range, its blends model skirt cut style with a classical Romanesques motif on the lace finished with a small black leather belt. As my old computer programming professor would say, SIMPLE is beautiful and this skirt is the epitome of Simple and beautiful.
In short if she is wearing such an outfit she is shouting in your face, I deserve to go to a nice restaurant that requires a booking, with a table that has real cloth tablecloths not those paper ones followed by a desert that looks like this.

So if a lady is wearing this on your first date and you haven't booked a restaurant it's going to be a date FAIL. Sorry lads.

Lets get stuck into what we can do in Sydney this week. October is a great month, our nation's capital is celebrating the annual flower festival and what a great way to spend a day by visiting Canberra and strolling along the blossom filled boulevards. An amazing place that I have always wanted to explore is the little model village town of Cockington Green. So Sydneysiders set forth for our capital to enjoy these blooms before they wither. Deo Gratias.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

According to Truong Spring fashion reviews.

After a few weeks of the dreaded and contagious bloggers mental block I am ready to write the next series of According to Truong. Spring fashion and why ladies clothing is very similar to modifications to cars.
First off, I do apologise for the dryness and lack of posts the past weeks and would like to thank you dear readers for coming back for another exciting series, where I will attempt to help to close the divide between understanding women. It's going to be very hard but like fishing it takes practice and patient, remember the two P's.
Lets start with why I think buying clothes with a lady is similar to modifying your car. This week I would like to start with the paint job and body kit. Like a car, the paint job and the body kit is the exterior appearance of the car and similar to dress, skirts, tops. However the major difference here is with a car, you usually only get one paint job and one body kit for the life of the car while you will have to go to at least three seasons a year with a woman. So be prepare and you will save time and money in your shopping adventure.

1. Choose your brand carefully.
When choosing a body kit for you car you always look for the best brands and best quality, for example you would choose a TRD kit with a Toyota, and a Nismo Kit for a Nissan, however you can venture into other companies depending on what you like, ABS resin or Cheap Taiwanese made fiberglass types. So before you go out there to help you choose some new clothing for your lady, search the Internet for what style you like, before you go out blind and get asked to walk endless through entire shopping malls. From experience, after about 3 dresses all dresses look the same and it is very difficult to tell the difference between red and pink.
2. Choose your style according to season and occasion.
It is extremely important to ask her, why do you want it? when are you going to where it, do you really need it? and is it made in China? when you have established these rules you can shop precisely and honestly for what you are looking for.
For example, before you start shopping, you have to be clear on what is this shopping expedition for, has she done some research on what she wants and will she wear it again.

Now that we have some ground rules lets start with some piratical examples of dress and my review of Review. I am big fan of Review because; number one it is made in Australia, number two their choice of material is excellent and thirdly their elegant style.

Day time dress for semi-formal occasions.
Why I like?
Simple design there are no extra bits to say "I am a rice cooker", beautiful motif which will ensure your dress will be wearable for another 2 decades, a nice colour that can go with a variety of occasions and skin tones. For example it is neither white or red so you could wear it to a wedding, then go to the beach and have a fish and chips.
Furthermore like buying car parts you want to look for durability. Since this dress if I am not mistaken is made i Australia it will be of the highest quality. Since this season Review has undergone a change and many of their dresses are Zipless meaning no more snags. This is pretty cool because once a zipper is busted the dress is pretty much gone. If your dress has a zip, remember to maintain it with lubricate such as wax or soap to ensure it glides, you can even put silicon or Teflon base sprays on your zipper to maintain the high level of zippiness especially for those quick 15min formula one style outfit changes. By maintaining your zippers you will have a dress wardrobe that is in tip top condition.
Beware, if your like me and always looking for a bargain, beware of fake copies especially on ebay. To avoid buying a fake off ebay, always ask for the tags, especially the unique security tag, they are as large as a British postage stamp.

I would like to end this first edition of the According to Truong fashion review and I hope to see you again in the further editions of my blog.

What to do in Sydney this weekend?
Gosh, it's been quite a while since I have been out, but the weekend outlook is for bright sunny skies. So it's festival season with a number of street festivals in Strathfield and the City, the noodle night markets. And if your into going to the circus, The Moscow circus is in town, all the way from Russia I think. So get out there and enjoy this beautiful spring weather.
Deo Gratias.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Men, how to groom yourself for a date.

Spic and span is a good state to be in. Lately, I have started to have showers after 6 weeks without one and I've notice that physical cleanliness is very important. While I was pondering this fact I knew the topic for this week for the According to Truong blog. Grooming and being clean while on a date.
It's been a while, and it is good to mention personal hygiene is extremely important in general and more so in dating. Firstly, when you are nervous you will sweat and to add to the discomfort Spring temperatures are on the increase, there will be an increase risk of body odour being released and this will deter woman from your presence.

Lets begin with grooming for a date.
Step 1.
Always, always have a shower, shave and brush your teeth. These are the foundations of grooming, a shower must be no shorter than 4mins and no longer than 10mins. If your spending more than 10mins in a shower your skin will go wrinkly thus making you more nervous on a date. It is good to get into a very hot shower so that your veins pop to the surface increasing the muscular tone to your arms. The arms are very important if your going rescue her from falling off a cliff.
After showering, it is best to put on some talcum powder and deodorant so that if you do sweat it will be absorbed by the talc and deodorant. No one really wants to see sweat pouring off your shirt and then drying
Secondly, the shave is important if you don't keep a beard. Just cream and aftershave will do no more no less. If your keeping a beard make sure it's old growth soft, and well brushed.
Thirdly, brushing your teeth is extremely important. A healthy smile can really turn the tide against you. Women generally look at a man's teeth to determine bone density and healthy child producing mechanisms. So please remember to brush your teeth regularly gentleman. Additionally, according to Men's health magazine, clean teeth also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Step 2. Details of the nails and the nose.
If your going anywhere, remember to trim the two N's. With young men, the rate of both nails and nostril hair is roughly 0.5mm a day. So after a week or two you have to be careful not to have long finger and toe nails. After your check of the nails, check your nose and trim accordingly. What can turn off a woman is bushy nose hair, it is the height of disgusting. So guys please remember the 2N's.

Step 3. Push ups
It's all about blood flood and adrenaline. Before putting on your going out clothes increase your blood flow and calm your nerves with a few push ups. Do as many as you need, when your chest begins to hurt you know your ready for anything. So if you do get a broken heart after the date, at least your chest is rock solid.

Step 4. Don't spend time on your hair.
When a man spends way to much time on hair products and shaping it you have problems. To make life easier, wear a hat or sun glasses. Maybe racing goggles, or animal skin hat. That will solve your problem.

Well I hoped I've cover all points to grooming and good luck.

What to do in Sydney this weekend, the weather forecast is looking spectacular it's going to be hot and time to get your swimming gear to head to the beach. Why not start with whale watching, at Sandon Point where a whale has beached itself on the rocks, followed by lunch down in Calburra. All in all, it's going to be hot so go somewhere to enjoy the sea breeze before it gets to hot and your toes will burn on the sand. Ouch.

Oh and a shout out to L>G and her brother who is hospital. Stay Ice Cool.
Oh and Chris your annoying but i'll link up your site just this week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another week ends, and the temperature is rising. I was walking to work and notice how visually spectacular the green and lush grass growing from the dark damp winter top soil. How beautiful is the fresh spring grass, it just makes you want to pull up alongside a park bench and watch the word go by. However not all of us have the luxury of slouching back to gaze into the blue skies of Sydney. So I hope everyone is enjoying the current blogs of late and I do thank you for reading these blog.
I have noticed that my blogs are usually aimed at the male audience but tonight my blog is a gift to all the ladies to enjoy if your out there reading it.

Firstly, I apologise if guys keep asking you out, coming around with polished cars and asking you out on dates to a remote location. But, I give credit where credit is due and say good on you for saying yes to that first date. Now here are some tips to guarantee to help you protect your heart and find the perfect man who you will spend the rest of your days with, a man who will make you laugh so hard you'll cry and at the same time your abs will get a working, so you'll have a flat stomach simply by just enjoying life.

Rule 1, Be wise, protect your heart.
Always, always be yourself, be clear and concise of what you want from a man. If you dont' know what you want Let Truong tell you. Firstly, he has to have a job or some sort of career path happening for him. If that being running alongside the garbage bin at 4am, or a sheep and grain farmer from country Victoria. If he has a job and can pay for a date from start to finish you can be assure he can provide you with a cave, kitchen, and maybe a clawfoot bath tub made of cast iron I know for a fact every womans dream is to have a Kitchen with all the Miele appliances complete with granite benchtops and a colonial style bathroom with an cast iron bath tub.
So on that first date remember to ask all these questions straight away, don't be fooled with all the sweet talking, because even if he is a mute and has a job you know he can provide a C>K>B. Oh if you are wondering, "I am only in uni or school can I go out on dates?" Well if your date has met these criterias ofcourse you can so long as he has met the criteria. IE Job, C>K>B.

Rule 2 Be prudent, beware of sweet talking.
So over the winter men have been reading the According to Truong blog and now he is confident with his ability to woo and court, using similes, blended with a hint of wit and toasted together with in offensive humour. BEEP BEEP BEEP, these are the warning bells, the only major fault, (warning!!!they may have other faults) in a woman is her inability to graciously avoid flattery. I have heard from various women "FLATTERY only gets you so far" So if your heart is not protected from flattery, wear a blouse close to the neckline so this will help direct his gaze towards your eyes. If he is looking at you as a women and not an object your date will go smoothly.

Rule 3. Have high standards.
It is good to expect more from men, because they are not the sharpest tool in God's shed when it comes to understanding their opposite and equal women. So if you expect your man to buy dinner, and dress in nice clothes once in a while then he will generally do it. However you the woman must have expectations. Go home write a list and see what a man can do to meet those expectations. The key to high expectations is to have high ones, and be surprised that they are being marked off. Secondly, don't expect all your expectations to be filled straight away because you'll be freaked out how much the guy knows about you and you'll be turned off. It takes a whole life time to work out what you expect because a woman's mind is base on emotions so please use your superior intellect and expect the un-expected, high expectations. In summary, have high stadards so you'll get treated as a Princess.

Rule 4. Have fun finally.
Courtship is fun, it is meant to make you laugh, it is meant to be an enjoyable time, so it's best and wise to be doing things on dates rather than sitting their aimlessly. So always expect the man to have a plan, that includes activities then some down time, and then end it. If you request to be dropped home earlier, it will make the second date a much more pleasant experience. If you have gone out on a second date and it isn't fun, can that man.
So you're probably wondering, "I am a girl and there a few men asking me out at the same time, what should I do?" Well my personal opinion is that if 5 guys ask you out, then be clear with all your suitors that you have a few dates planned and many suitors waiting. So you're looking for friendship first. Don't get caught up with just one guy. Of of those 5 guys one will shine through! Yes you are worth every single ounce of frustration that guy is going through.

Well there you have it, some simple and proven facts to aid you in your courtship. Ladies go out and enjoy being beautiful, young, happy, and be admired because with out you the world wouldn't be the same. Gosh this week has gone so quickly and work has allowed everyone to home early so I am taking my beloved LG out to dinner can't wait.(Hope your happy that you got a mention hehehehe)

What to do in Sydney this weekend, if your into Asian culture, then you are aware that Mid-Autumn festival is occurring in most Asian cultures these upcoming weeks. It is a good opportunity to explore the cultures and their individual cuisine. A great place to go this week is Cabramatta, catch the train, bring 50 dollars and enjoy it all. Smell, taste, see and feel what Cabramatta has to offer. Oh and Chris, David and Anthony my work mates, thanks for helping me to work you guys.

Deo Gratias.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Edition One of Spring pick up tales.

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If you are a Sydney sider you are witnessing the most spectacular blossom Sydney has to offer all year long. Along the streets of Sydney from apricot, plum, tea tree along with all the bulbs that are popping to life. It is a wonderful sight to behold. We are very blessed to be witnessing with our eyes motivation to be pro-active in everything we do. I know, I do have a broken leg but that hasn't stopped me from being pro-active in the brain matter. So with my new ultra supercharged brain power I have thought over and over about ways to help you the young average man, to really lift your game, to step it up and do what is right and proper in the Spring edition of your courtship adventure.

So, my friend J.T. has been lazy over the last winter and getting into the usual habits of playing computers games, listening to his Ipod and not worrying about his general appearance. Well there is one thing to tell you here, there are so many beautiful women (A.M.) in Sydney and if your not going to step it up, I am sorry to tell your summer will be like a male Seahorse with no one to go fishing with, or watching the sunset or even hold your bucket of water when your trying to stabilise the sand castle so she can pour in the water for you moat.

Okay lets not get to far ahead with our summer fantasies here, Spring is here and what are the quick solutions to the early stages of Spring love. To be blunt, there are no quick solutions here, over winter you should have befriended that lady love of yours and there should have been some dialogue. However if you have been unsuccessful, then it must have been, not polishing your car when you picked her up on that first date. Lets not despair J.T. all is not lost because, you can use Spring as a renewal of your search for the one that will make your stomach twist and turn, like when you eat too much chili flakes with pizza and beer.

So J.T., you've found A.M. and she is just jaw dropping stunning. Lets keep these identities hidden she could have green, hazel, brown, blue eyes but lets just say she's breath taking. J.T. is in luck because in Spring ladies will love to go out in the sun. Why do you think they are the fairer sex? It's because of their skin they need more Vitamin D from the sun thus women always have lighter skin tone then men. So J.T. use this to your advantage.

Lets cut straight to business here, in the next 2 weeks, all the Botanical gardens will be in full bloom, there are 3 excellent choices in the Sydney region, One being the Sydney Botanical, two being Mt Annan botanical and three being Mt Tomah. You must choose carefully which one you decide on taking her two.
Sydney is the safest bet, because you can use public transport and meet her there on a first date, therefore no need for a car, there is less pressure due to one on one time and finally it is a public place and she can leave if she feels uncomfortable. With the Sydneybotanical gardens there is an array of beautiful scenery, plenty of places to sit in public(No kissing just yet) and there are splendid Magnolia blossoms. However, you will have to contend with joggers, tourist, and noise.

Mt Annan is for the man that has a car, and for the lady that lives out in the west. It is the largest botanical gardens in the Sydney region and it is play hosts to beautiful specimens from all over Australia. It is more of a modern botanical garden with emphasis on native species, environmentally friendly alternatives to the more traditional Victorian era garden. This garden will appeal to more trendy of women who will like simple garden layout designs matched with good use of resources. If you have fallen in love with such a lady who likes native species, water tolerant plants, then your in for a treat because Mt Annan will help you discuss ways of building a environmental sustainable house together. Now isn't that a grand idea.

The last garden is my favourite, and the most risky option for a garden date. Mt Tomah is roughly 2 hours drive into the hill country of Sydney. The drive incorporates the many historical MacArthur townships which include Windsor and Richmond. You will have to polish your car for this date. Secondly, the park itself will appeal to the most discerning of women because it hosts an array of Victorian era features such as benches, afternoon tea houses and garden layout.
It is a formal garden in a sense that there are an array of exotic plant species including flowering plants, ornamental trees and seasonal flowering beds. Since, the garden is a fair distance away from Sydney there are only a small number of visitors, meaning more private time, and a higher chance of your date being frighten you might pull some moves on her. However, to prevent this happening explore the gardens for roughly 2 hours and sit down for lunch either packed or at the cafe to break the momentum of the date. If things are successful proceed to woo her, in the formal maze garden. I have watched many English romantic dramas and maze gardens are a winner when trying to woo that girl of your dream.

Lets end it here for the week and I wish everyone a pleasant weekend filled with happy memories. I know where I am going to take my beloved L.G. this weekend maze garden woo hoo. Deo Gratias.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

According to Truong Stats for September

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So how about it? The according to Truong series has made it through the winter and I would like to thank you personally to all my readers out there, especially the 2 brave ones from Mongolia that I will try to right about how to pick up Girls in various countries even Mongolia.
In this blog i just want to review the last few months before the Spring edition comes out with what has made the According to Truong series so popular over the last few months.
The key to the According to Truong blog has been the pick up series, so I would like to really reinforce this series in the up coming spring edition. I do hope that, all this reading I have been up to because of my broken leg can help to close down the barriers that stop men and women engaging in beautiful courtship.

Wow all have to say that I would have never imagined so many people have been reading the blogs> When I see people far as Italy and the UK reading this blog I humbled and really thankful of such readership.

According to these statistics it is super clear that Osman and his mention in the Pick series has been by far the most popular topic and thanks to my engagement with beautiful Lucy i will start to focus on the pick up series. So just a final thanks to everyone for their valuable feed back to continue this important work to secure world peace.

Well it's the part you've been waiting for, what what what to do this weekend in Sydney? Lets do something fun and encourage outdoor activity. Have you ever been mushroom picking? Well why don't you head down to the local forest pass Oberon way and go into the state forest and hunt for mushrooms. With the recent rain and increase in temperature there are sure to be mushrooms. Things to consider about mushroom picking, remember to bring a field guide, a friend who is not colourblind, water, a jacket, a portable stove, spices, bread, wine, cheese, a change of clothes, and a map so not to get lost in the forest. If your unsuccessfully in your mushroom hunt, you can find some heaps of local pubs along the way home via the Bells Line of Road. Now that sounds like fun! If you do undergo mushroom poisoning always have strong alcohol on hand to induce vomiting.
On that note, happy mushroom picking and enjoy your weekend.
Deo Gratias.

Below are so sites to help you find mushrooms without fear of dying.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paddington Bear

Salutations readers, I really hope that everyone has had a great week with all it's up and downs. But hopefully there has been more up then falling over. My leg is on the mend I know this fore sure because my nerves are slowing yet surely finding where they are suppose to connect. Secondly I can move my big toe. Hopefully this week I can talk about one of my favourite characters of all time Paddington bear from Darkest Peru. I do hope with this blog, I do open your eyes to this lovely classic of children's literature and put it to good use in your very own adventures.

Paddington bear what is he all about?
At first glance the Paddington bear series when viewed in the eye of a child is fun, simple and humorous stop movie animation. However when watching it as an adult I have been able to gain valuable insights into my own life.
My number one thought about Paddington bear is his confidence and trust in what he is doing. He was sent by his Aunt Lucy to England to live. Wow, if only we can trust our Aunt Lucy and listen to her. We humans really need to trust, firstly in God in others and ourselves. Can you imagine what Paddington would have been thinking about arriving in a foreign country with no where to stay, no marmalade to eat, and no friends. Gosh if it were me, I would have plan everything down to the toe clippers. Well maybe not as detailed as some people.

Moving along the story line, Paddington is found by a loving family "The Browns", they take him in and care for him. Providing food, shelter and love. He is part of the family. This is human charity and it teaches us a lesson in equality. They don't discriminate Paddington because he is a bear, but realise the situation he is in, and without hesitation help him with all they can offer.

The longer Paddington lives in England, the more he is accepted into his new and strange environment. He is welcomed to all the best parties through coincidence. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and this is true in the case of Paddington. However the thing about Paddington he is always humble and thankful about all that happens to him.

My favourite part of Paddington is his relationship with his neighbour Mr Curry. We all know that there is always a person in our lives that are just plain pricks and like a rose thorn in our backsides, or that itch on our back we can't scratch. In this case this person is Mr Curry, the neighbour of Paddington. One of Mr Curry's most annoying traits is his constant criticisms of Paddington. He is always ridiculing Paddington on everything he does. He also refuses to address Paddington by his name, but simply shouts BEAR. Paddington on the other hand, loves his neighbour and never had ill intent towards him, he tries to help Mr Curry out as much as possible and is always better off for it.

It's amazing how much we can learn from Paddington, I can guarantee from watching the Paddington series we as humans can really live in peace and harmony. I do apologise about not talking about picking up this week but my favourite bear Paddington bear just needs a mention so everyone can enjoy life.

Well the weekend is finally here and the weather in Sydney is going to be bright and sunny with an easterly breeze. It's been a while since I' have gone outside to fly a kite. So my suggestion for this weekend is head out to your local toys R Us, or Kmart, and buy yourself a single line kite and go outside and launch it into the skies. Some good places to launch a kite is your local oval, or down the beach and you can then have an ice cream to follow your endeavours.

Happy flying, Deo Gratias.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The pick up series according to Truong. Broadcast three

Dear readers, I apologise for not broadcasting over the last few weeks. But I have a valid excuse for it. I broke my leg and the thing is, I needed surgery so now I am bionic with upgraded titanium parts. I just want to thank everyone for helping me out. So I would like to welcome you all to another week of According to Truong. For this week special I would like to talk about communication.

So over the past months you' have been reading my blog and acted upon it. That's wonderful news, congratulations you have a beautiful girlfriend now, Hold on a minute, the girl is way out of your league so your punching way above your weight. Your becoming complacent and your confidence has gone through the roof. Your a average guy so you think you can always do better. Let me just stop you right there, you'll break a leg and realise you can't walk away from what matters most in a relationship.
Apologising, I know men aren't very good at talking and resolving issues so I will guide you through the whole process where your beloved will feel special and you'll get a whole lot of loving when the process of all over.
Lets go through a typical scenario here, your day is going fine the sun is shining, your car is polished and your all ready to take your lady out. But hang on, your quarrelling, over some or all of the evils of a relationship, IE jealousy, mistrust, and anger. Since your the man, you put on your deep and powerful voice and bark at your girlfriend. Spilling out a whole bean stalk of hurtful green, blue, and purple beans. Now your a real Jack. Gee that felt good, but was it good for your relationship? Are these magic beans which will help your relationship grow, or will it lead you to the jealousy bearded giant, or the anger troll, and the distrustful leprechaun.

You might say, sure we argue all the time but a relationship is about love and understanding you can't go out with someone who you argue with. I know men have a relative scale when it comes to anger but if your an extreme case you seriously need to work on how you manage this, if not I am sorry to say this, your only friend will be the lonely man on the moon. And you only get to see this man a few times a year. Lets try to avoid that hey.

Rule No 1.
Its has happen what do i do Truong? Firstly, no matter what apologise as soon as possible, don't leave it more than 3 days before you swallow your pride because women don't like to wait a long time. They will hate it if you don't realise your mistake quickly. So time is of importance here.

Rule No 2.
No matter what they say, a gift to say your sorry is extremely important depending on the severity of the mistake. Lets say, it was a small mistake and you apologise quickly less than 24hours, flowers will be adequate, but if it has taken you over 3 days, it will have to cost you flowers, chocolates, perfume, plus an expensive dinner probably in a ethnic restaurant maybe. So it's best to realise your mistake and show remorse.

Rule No 3.
You must sit down and be prepared to listen to everything she has to say, and agree with them all. This is going to take at least 2 hours so don't drink or eat before hand because you don't want to be going to the bathroom in this time. You need to realise she's going to explode in words from the bottom of her soul and you need to say yes to everything.

The final rule, No 4.
Always make a resolution and stick with it. You need to understand that a girl wants to be assure you have learnt something from your major argument and make reparations for it not to occur again. For example you need to work out a way to control your temper and go through the steps with her to insure that it won't happen again.

Phew, yup wipe that sweat from your brow because communication is very difficult between a man and a woman but if you can communicate properly you will be able to keep that relationship on the right tracks and will be able to sail through the most rough seas that are out to swallow you up.
But the old man always thought of her as feminine and as something that gave or withheld great favors, and if she did wild or wicked things it was because she could not help them. The moon affects her as it does a woman, he thought. The Old Man and the Sea

So you might be asking what I have been doing over the last few weeks. Well I have had so much time to reflect on life. The most important lesson I have learnt from this period is how to listen to the advice of others. Secondly, life is short but you must not rush important things especially marriage. Marriage must not be rush because planning a wedding is a big task but remember it's not a business contract but a contract of love. To me love is getting a nice hot meal once in a while, or a going out for a nice drive, and some kissing time. But the deep side of love is knowing someone out there is thinking of you, is worried about you and wants to be with you.

That's enough sensitive talk for one blog session lets see what is on offer this weekend in Sydney.
At the moment, winter is ending and spring is just about to be blossom. Therefore, a man must know there will be 4 seasons in one day. If you are keen on doing an outdoor pursuit do so in the morning when the wind will be calm. Maybe a trip to the various outdoor markets in Sydney and breakfast. I do feel like a nice bacon and egg roll this week. If your going to sleep in, then be prepared for a unpredictable weather so go for a nice drive up the coast to Newcastle.
If a drive is not for you, how about watching our favourite action heroes of the 1990's in the movie the Expendables. But if it's the girls turn to choose a movie, I am sorry to say this but you better head to One of the Dendy cinemas, most likely the one at Circular Quay. Sorry guys you just have to go.

Finally, I would like to thank you everyone for your patience and waiting for this blog, I hope you all have a great weekend.
Deo Gratias.