Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another week ends, and the temperature is rising. I was walking to work and notice how visually spectacular the green and lush grass growing from the dark damp winter top soil. How beautiful is the fresh spring grass, it just makes you want to pull up alongside a park bench and watch the word go by. However not all of us have the luxury of slouching back to gaze into the blue skies of Sydney. So I hope everyone is enjoying the current blogs of late and I do thank you for reading these blog.
I have noticed that my blogs are usually aimed at the male audience but tonight my blog is a gift to all the ladies to enjoy if your out there reading it.

Firstly, I apologise if guys keep asking you out, coming around with polished cars and asking you out on dates to a remote location. But, I give credit where credit is due and say good on you for saying yes to that first date. Now here are some tips to guarantee to help you protect your heart and find the perfect man who you will spend the rest of your days with, a man who will make you laugh so hard you'll cry and at the same time your abs will get a working, so you'll have a flat stomach simply by just enjoying life.

Rule 1, Be wise, protect your heart.
Always, always be yourself, be clear and concise of what you want from a man. If you dont' know what you want Let Truong tell you. Firstly, he has to have a job or some sort of career path happening for him. If that being running alongside the garbage bin at 4am, or a sheep and grain farmer from country Victoria. If he has a job and can pay for a date from start to finish you can be assure he can provide you with a cave, kitchen, and maybe a clawfoot bath tub made of cast iron I know for a fact every womans dream is to have a Kitchen with all the Miele appliances complete with granite benchtops and a colonial style bathroom with an cast iron bath tub.
So on that first date remember to ask all these questions straight away, don't be fooled with all the sweet talking, because even if he is a mute and has a job you know he can provide a C>K>B. Oh if you are wondering, "I am only in uni or school can I go out on dates?" Well if your date has met these criterias ofcourse you can so long as he has met the criteria. IE Job, C>K>B.

Rule 2 Be prudent, beware of sweet talking.
So over the winter men have been reading the According to Truong blog and now he is confident with his ability to woo and court, using similes, blended with a hint of wit and toasted together with in offensive humour. BEEP BEEP BEEP, these are the warning bells, the only major fault, (warning!!!they may have other faults) in a woman is her inability to graciously avoid flattery. I have heard from various women "FLATTERY only gets you so far" So if your heart is not protected from flattery, wear a blouse close to the neckline so this will help direct his gaze towards your eyes. If he is looking at you as a women and not an object your date will go smoothly.

Rule 3. Have high standards.
It is good to expect more from men, because they are not the sharpest tool in God's shed when it comes to understanding their opposite and equal women. So if you expect your man to buy dinner, and dress in nice clothes once in a while then he will generally do it. However you the woman must have expectations. Go home write a list and see what a man can do to meet those expectations. The key to high expectations is to have high ones, and be surprised that they are being marked off. Secondly, don't expect all your expectations to be filled straight away because you'll be freaked out how much the guy knows about you and you'll be turned off. It takes a whole life time to work out what you expect because a woman's mind is base on emotions so please use your superior intellect and expect the un-expected, high expectations. In summary, have high stadards so you'll get treated as a Princess.

Rule 4. Have fun finally.
Courtship is fun, it is meant to make you laugh, it is meant to be an enjoyable time, so it's best and wise to be doing things on dates rather than sitting their aimlessly. So always expect the man to have a plan, that includes activities then some down time, and then end it. If you request to be dropped home earlier, it will make the second date a much more pleasant experience. If you have gone out on a second date and it isn't fun, can that man.
So you're probably wondering, "I am a girl and there a few men asking me out at the same time, what should I do?" Well my personal opinion is that if 5 guys ask you out, then be clear with all your suitors that you have a few dates planned and many suitors waiting. So you're looking for friendship first. Don't get caught up with just one guy. Of of those 5 guys one will shine through! Yes you are worth every single ounce of frustration that guy is going through.

Well there you have it, some simple and proven facts to aid you in your courtship. Ladies go out and enjoy being beautiful, young, happy, and be admired because with out you the world wouldn't be the same. Gosh this week has gone so quickly and work has allowed everyone to home early so I am taking my beloved LG out to dinner can't wait.(Hope your happy that you got a mention hehehehe)

What to do in Sydney this weekend, if your into Asian culture, then you are aware that Mid-Autumn festival is occurring in most Asian cultures these upcoming weeks. It is a good opportunity to explore the cultures and their individual cuisine. A great place to go this week is Cabramatta, catch the train, bring 50 dollars and enjoy it all. Smell, taste, see and feel what Cabramatta has to offer. Oh and Chris, David and Anthony my work mates, thanks for helping me to work you guys.

Deo Gratias.

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