Thursday, July 22, 2010

The pick up series according to Truong. Broadcast Two

Dear my beloved Fiance, I love you and I trust you with all my heart!! Now to welcome you to another broadcast of the pick up series according to Truong. Now that you have big forearms from all the car polishing, and the ladies are aware of your strategies. However, you've done all the right things but you got the NO, the big fat rejection, the No I am not interested. Ouch that's got to hurt big time.

So lets get straight into it shall we, The pick up series continues this week with Rejection, how to deal with a WACC rejection. This is important topic because if you get rejected your heading in the correct direction. From P&P, Miss B doesn't fall in love in Mr D until the very end. Only when Mr D proves himself worthy.

Reasons for rejection.
There are number of reason why you were rejected, the most common reason is she has her eye on someone man, or she has a boyfriend. married or engaged. Lets concentrate on the first scenario. Generally ladies have their eye on some other man. This will work in your favour! There is a simple answer to this, get her attention and prove to her your forearms are big enough to protect her.
Firstly, don't be weird and rash. For example do not correspond with her more than 5 times a day. This includes sms/phone calls or trying to stalk her. Secondly, don't wait for more than 2 weeks before you decide to ask her out or pursue group outings. If you are discipline and keep to simple these simple restrictions, you will be balancing on the fine line between courting and obession.
Now, what will really impresses a lady after rejection? Persistent! being persistent is the key to winning her heart. It's like trying to throw a pebble at the telephone cable, you just have to wait up early when there is no wind, and cable is stiff from the cold, then you start finding stones to throw, I can promise you, you won't be able to hit it the first time, nor second, or even 10 times but eventually you will, Sometimes your mate will hit it sooner but if you are persistent you will hit this cable.

Persistent, is waking up early, persistent is asking, even if your mates succeed after 2 times you might have to try 3 times. But if you are persistent you can and will be able to hold her hand in the fading summer sunlight by the rock pools of Clovelly.

However, if things get worst and you have a gut feeling that it is not going well, simple thank her for her time and be noble about it all. I know your hurting but sometimes you really need to risk it all, and lay your dignity to rest and open your heart to love.
I know this week entry is short, but it is only a simple broadcast because you are probably still in waiting the long 2 weeks with in anticipation.

Things to do in Sydney this week. As you are aware I really enjoy eating and dining. I have been to a number of restaurants in this fine city but I would like to promote the German-Austria club in Cabramatta. If you like to drink German beer on Tap, and like to eat in a German style youth hall, like the ones you see in WWII movies. Then head on down to Cabramatta to the German-Austria club.
To be honest my heart and soul is very broken this week. You can probably tell from my writing that it lacks the wit and charm of the Truong you know. I feel that my soul is hurting now that I have done something of terrible hurt to the one I love most in the world. But According to Truong, he will never give up and be himself again after a good weekend.
Go out and have fun all. Deo Gratias.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The pick up series according to Truong. Broadcast One

Welcome all to another blog entry, it is great to see that there has been an interest in my blog and I hope that everyone has had a big week at work. I don't know about you but the week goes so fast when your trying to buy a house, and do bridal gift registry all in the same week. So, you all are wondering how a average guy like myself ended up with such a beautiful fiance. What are chances? 1 to 2.2 billion that's very slim chances but nothing is impossible with firstly the help of God, and some research. So without further delay I would like to introduce a new series called The pickup series According to Truong.

The pickup series Broadcast1. How to pick up a white girl from a conservative background of Anglo-Celtic background.(WACC)

The key element in any endeavour is research. So before you invest cold hard cash into anything take a depth gauge reading and do a pilot study. Go out and rent some movies, or listen to audio books on Jane Austen. The key to all WACC girls is Jane Austen and 18th century Europe, if you are man enough you will have to sit! watch! and listen! Yes it will mundane, yes it will tedious, and yes it will arduous but in the end she will say "you are very amiable".
After the pilot study, you will have to apply this research to modern times. This is a crucial step for a successful completion of the research stage.
Now you can ask some of your friends either male or female it doesn't really matter because you can get honest advice from both. You have two options here you can either surprise them on an outing or plan an outing where you can carry out your mock dates. For example WACC girls generally enjoy picnics and walks. This is easy now since you have watched P&P, you will have to plan a trial picnic with antipasto for two, drinks preferably a selection of both red, wines and fortified to save money here buy miniatures, a vase so you can pick flowers for her(save money), and lastly a suitable a location where you can watch the sunset(I'll talk about this later).
So now go on at least 2 - 3 trial dates with a group of friends. From personal experience this opportunity provides you with the so call "peer review" method of marking. You will have to bite your tongue and accept all short comings because they are providing feed back on your research methods, this is where all your research and execution will be assessed. It's either pass or fail if you fail, go back to step one and RESEARCH.
A few locations I have found which are suitable for WACC girls in the 18th century ear include Centennial park on weekdays, Clovelly-Coogee coastal cliff areas, Concord west park lands near the hospital, Camden and surrounds, Richmond-Windsor river side areas and Mrs Macquarie Chair.

Execution, etiquette and dialogue.
Like gentleman of the 17-18th century brush your horses and polish your carriage that means you have to get out the leather polish. Now you wished you had some servants, but you don't so lets get into the right frame of mind for the 21st century and beyond. First thing is first CLEAN your car, inside and out. There are numerous Internet sites explaining how to detail your car properly, if your like me and have seen the Karate kid series "wax on wax off" is the key. Polishing your car is an important pre picnic ritual, it is sacred act going back to medieval times where knights and warriors would shine their armour and sharpen their blades. If you have a shiny car it will speak for itself, no matter what it is, it could be a Hyundai excel or a Ferrari a well polished car demonstrates that you are a man of principle. Secondly, you'll get mighty big fore arms afterward so remember to wear a short sleeve shirt to show them off.
So now the car is polished and is ozzy out exotic flavours like vanilla, walnut and honey . You have to pack a picnic for two, this is easy because you've done research. Easy!

Execution is simple, in the 18th century a man of principle would simply, request an audience with the WACC girl who he wanted to woo. For example, " I would like to ask you out for a picnic date, I will be picking you up from Address at Time. Since I am a busy man, I will not take No so be ready at the time requested." Easy, if she has no problems with that be ready. So notes here, Mr D would be arrogant, stuck up, and un-interested if you are like that you will surely woo your WACC. It's the principle man.
Etiquette is extremely important on the day of your date, because etiquette demonstrates a man of principle. Firstly, always walk beside your WACC girl on the side closest to danger ie, side of the oncoming traffic, facing crashing waves, and nearest cliff faces. Secondly, never request for help when carrying your picnic apparatus. Thirdly, give way to your lady when approaching 2-1 one lane ways. Finally, always open doors, this I have found tricky because some doors are outward pushing. If the door is outward swinging, simply walk forward, open it and let her proceed. Remember simple is beautiful, don't over do it, JUST Do it. It demonstrates principle. That's it PRINCIPLE.

Dialogue is the probably where most men will fail. Simple is beautiful keep to what you know best. If your only good at talking about cars, then don't talk. Just complement on how nice the weather is, the smell of her perfume. If it's a daytime date she will be wearing flora smells, if its the evening it's usually musk. Depending on which just it complement her complexion. Don't over complement or you'll get stuck.
So your running on empty now, with no more things to talk about because after watching P&P(Pride and Prejudice) you have the necessary research data. Crack open the alcohol try to buy alcohol that is seal, with a cork. This will show your confidence in using tools it demonstrate principle and will start a talking point. Topics include wine, travelling, Europe, motorbikes, leather jackets and tulips. By now you will be well into your alcohol and antipasto. If your lucky pick her a flower and put it in a vase because this will give you more talking material. Ok the picnic has gone on for at least 2 hours and the sun is setting since you have chosen a spot where you can both spectate it. I know your dying to kiss her, DON'T this will demonstrate principle and allows you to transit to a second date.

Well readers what a action packed first series. but I have to end it here because its like one of those choose your own adventures novels. Because who knows where it can lead. In summation be a man of principle and woo that WACC girl of your dreams by referring to The pick up series according to Truong.

Sydney siders we have a beautiful outlook this weekend. If you want a good drive I suggest driving to Canberra through the Old Hume highway, so you can go through Berrima and Goulburn. Once you are there you can watch the Canberra play the Knights at 3pm. But if your not into the Rugby League you can visit the Hermitage Winery in Mittagong. If Canberra doesn't tickle your fancy, go and explore the central coast and light a fire on the beach, wrap up some fish, spuds, and corn in foil dump it there and you can have a beach fire picnic. If you find a turtle shell lying around you can even make a clam soup. Use your 18th century imagination this weekend. Lastly I would like to thank you dear readers and Deo Gratias.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Girl, date, ring what next?

Attention to all the ladies that might have a secret crush on me, including Osman I know you love me! I have to apologise and say that you all missed out, because I am engaged and soon to be wed.

Sufferin' succotash! What a busy week, all I can say is when winter comes round the bees and bears are hibernating while us humans are left suffering in this wet and miserable weather. Sometimes I wonder why we aren't rugged up all day. By golly this week has flew by and there has been SO many twists and turns in a young man's life. Oh Lord, do we run from the week or do we catch up to it. So without delay I am honoured to bring to you this week's According to Truong.

There comes a stage in a man's life where he eats his owns words and goes Doh I've made a mistake. So here it is, you have the girls of your dreams, then you bust your knuckles and trade in your bike boots, riding gear and riding leathers for a shiny piece of bling for your lady love. But what's next? It doesn't stop there, have you ever thought about a roof over your head?
In this modern word, where money and brain power provides shelter, good looking and physically superior males are left scratching their heads. So here are some of my views on this modern phenomena. It was only less than 200 years ago, when the strong and brave could be granted lands and titles returning from glorious battles for their loyal service to the King. Before that, the strongest chieftains and his warriors raided fertile lands and built ancient kingdoms. If you can place yourself back to cavemen times, the strongest would find the best caves with easy access to food and water. Now, you ask why is this important to us as humans in this modern world?

Up to this point in time, the strongest have been able to pass on their genetic material to the prettiest females, however living in a city like Sydney. It seems for the last 50 years the smarter males have been able to pass on their genetic material, who knows what consequences this might have, maybe Australians won't qualified for the World cup anymore. This in turn has placed a bottle neck on the so called "Alpha males". But if your one of those Alpha males left in this urban environment don't despair because their a number of ways for you to find your potential lifelong mate and still have a splendid cave.

Option number 1, If you want to live in Sydney, don't be picking and live in a area beyond your financial means. The main reason for this, is that you'll will lose your physical prowess because you won't have enough money to buy T-Bone steaks. Secondly, a female companion always looks favourably on a male who has his own cave, so if you have one she'll be more than happy to be your lifelong companion.

Option number 2, If your a young lady still looking for your male, a great place to look for these males are on coastal towns with a seasonal fishing trade. In these towns, men usually work for 6-8 months a year earning a considerable amount of money. It might be hard at first to move into these towns but this is where you'll find hard working alpha males who haven't lost their sense of manliness.

Option number 3, If you have no money at all, but your extremely hardworking you can be savvy and use your muscles to build your own home in areas where councils are giving away parcels of land for men who are willing to stay on. But remember to buy 2 pairs of boots, one land boot and one pair for Church, country dances, and country rodeos.

In summation, though the outlook is bleak if we as men, are left with no apparent heirs in this modern world, where money comes from trading stocks that aren't actually there, or in using ones money to make more money from others money. There is still a chance to push forward, marching tall and gallant through it all to proclaim that the warrior class has not faded away in this modern world of sissyness.

The outlook for Sydney this weekend is going to be a wet one, combined with the cold air and smelly air conditioning it's best to go and clear out your alveoli with a nice drive down the sound coast. On these long drives it would be nice to listen to Crowded house, or the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, followed by a large bundle of fish and chips at Jim's Fish Cafe Thirroul, follow a by a swim by the near by beach to show the sea who is the man!.

So i am encouraging everyone to get a mosey down to the south coast, even as far as Manyana, where I've heard they have miniature bananas that taste like violet crumble. But if a car is no where to be seen and you still want to make the trip there is always the train. This is a great idea if your planning a date. So don't hesitate to sit close, and explore the landscape together with Red Rock deli crisps, or Burger Men because you can talk till the cows come home. There will be a time. when your date will nod off, because waves make girls sleepy, when this happens give her your shoulder, PS remember to wear a puffy jacket so that shoulder will be as soft as duck down.
With great delight, I'll put my pen down, or in this age take my fingers of the keyboard and tap no more and thank you the readers for another week of According to Truong.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love sickness, Poor poor Kevin PM

Thank you all for coming back to According to Truong blog spot again. Once again we've had a great week. Much has happen to us, finally the World Cup fever is almost over, with all my favourite teams of Australia, England, and South Korea being ousted of contention. Without much delay I would like present to YOU my beloved readers, According to Truong for this week.

Love sickness what is this? And how we should have some sympathy for our dear leader, ex prime minster the Honourable Kevin Rudd. So your just an average guy, you've been through one or two deep and meaningful relationships in your life. But your also a man who is full of pride and would never admit that you suffer or have suffered from love sickness. I am sure this is you, and if your saying it's not, your suffering from love sickness at this very moment.
Love sickness hits you deep down, down to your very being, since I am a guy I can only describe it how I saw it. Firstly, you get hit with pride, saying what a twat, and female dog the girl is, and you can do better. But once she has left, your left with fermenting memories and feelings like making wine with Oak chips rather than in a French oak barrel. I reckon Kevin was going through this when he was heartbroken, when the country he loved betrayed him like a two timing tuna fish.
Next comes, the anger where you want to break someones ribs or hurl a brick at some one's house. So Kevin might be going through this, because once a man is angry he can do some terrible things like burning petrol with washing powder.
Stop right here before you do anything rash, before you go on your rampage of fury you need energy, so the best way to go about this is, 1 gather wood from the near by park, 2. split the wood up, 3 put it in a Weber BBQ, 4 pour some petrol on it 5, light it, 6 cook thick spicy Italian sausages with skewed prawns. NOW YOUR READY for some testosterone fed rage.

I recommend this page if you need help becoming a man.

When this stage is over you'll go through nights where your riddled with memories of strawberry coated moments. So Kevin, don't sugar coat it, see it for what it was.
In summation at this stage of love sickness, your almost cured because you have been through all the stages of pride, anger, and hopefulness. Now your ready to look into other boulevards, and when you see these green pastures your cure.

So lets graze in these green pastures, from my experience the green pasture I have found has been lush like no other. If you have ever been through rural France, and have seen those fat cheese producing cows put yourself in that picture and say Gosh Truong is lucky. I am in those pastures now. They are full of fat cheese producing cows, eating buttercups and chasing bumble bees around fields of tulips. Once you are there your home my friend. Go and search for these fat French cow, producing pastures. Breath, take it in and rest assure because your home.
Once your home, everything starts to fall into place, your on your way to becoming a happily married man with a home that has, curtains and maybe blinds but your happy.

If your are in the same situation as Kevin, being back stabbed by his beloved, blitz through the stages of love sickness quickly That's it MAN UP! so you can find your green pastures sooner where you can eat cheese that has come from Fatted French cows.

What to do this weekend in Sydney? Living in the greatest city in the world presents us with a wide range of choices. Firstly, the toy story 3 movie has come out and I've heart it is a great movie for men to watch to open up to their emotion side. Secondly, have you consider all the great markets around Sydney, consider a trip to the Paddy's Market in Flemington, where you can indulge in fresh produce from Cheese, Chorizo and Calamari.

I hope that everyone has a well earned weekend and I look forward to see you all bright eyed next week with stories to tell of a wonderful weekend. Deo Gratias