Thursday, July 22, 2010

The pick up series according to Truong. Broadcast Two

Dear my beloved Fiance, I love you and I trust you with all my heart!! Now to welcome you to another broadcast of the pick up series according to Truong. Now that you have big forearms from all the car polishing, and the ladies are aware of your strategies. However, you've done all the right things but you got the NO, the big fat rejection, the No I am not interested. Ouch that's got to hurt big time.

So lets get straight into it shall we, The pick up series continues this week with Rejection, how to deal with a WACC rejection. This is important topic because if you get rejected your heading in the correct direction. From P&P, Miss B doesn't fall in love in Mr D until the very end. Only when Mr D proves himself worthy.

Reasons for rejection.
There are number of reason why you were rejected, the most common reason is she has her eye on someone man, or she has a boyfriend. married or engaged. Lets concentrate on the first scenario. Generally ladies have their eye on some other man. This will work in your favour! There is a simple answer to this, get her attention and prove to her your forearms are big enough to protect her.
Firstly, don't be weird and rash. For example do not correspond with her more than 5 times a day. This includes sms/phone calls or trying to stalk her. Secondly, don't wait for more than 2 weeks before you decide to ask her out or pursue group outings. If you are discipline and keep to simple these simple restrictions, you will be balancing on the fine line between courting and obession.
Now, what will really impresses a lady after rejection? Persistent! being persistent is the key to winning her heart. It's like trying to throw a pebble at the telephone cable, you just have to wait up early when there is no wind, and cable is stiff from the cold, then you start finding stones to throw, I can promise you, you won't be able to hit it the first time, nor second, or even 10 times but eventually you will, Sometimes your mate will hit it sooner but if you are persistent you will hit this cable.

Persistent, is waking up early, persistent is asking, even if your mates succeed after 2 times you might have to try 3 times. But if you are persistent you can and will be able to hold her hand in the fading summer sunlight by the rock pools of Clovelly.

However, if things get worst and you have a gut feeling that it is not going well, simple thank her for her time and be noble about it all. I know your hurting but sometimes you really need to risk it all, and lay your dignity to rest and open your heart to love.
I know this week entry is short, but it is only a simple broadcast because you are probably still in waiting the long 2 weeks with in anticipation.

Things to do in Sydney this week. As you are aware I really enjoy eating and dining. I have been to a number of restaurants in this fine city but I would like to promote the German-Austria club in Cabramatta. If you like to drink German beer on Tap, and like to eat in a German style youth hall, like the ones you see in WWII movies. Then head on down to Cabramatta to the German-Austria club.
To be honest my heart and soul is very broken this week. You can probably tell from my writing that it lacks the wit and charm of the Truong you know. I feel that my soul is hurting now that I have done something of terrible hurt to the one I love most in the world. But According to Truong, he will never give up and be himself again after a good weekend.
Go out and have fun all. Deo Gratias.

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