Thursday, July 15, 2010

The pick up series according to Truong. Broadcast One

Welcome all to another blog entry, it is great to see that there has been an interest in my blog and I hope that everyone has had a big week at work. I don't know about you but the week goes so fast when your trying to buy a house, and do bridal gift registry all in the same week. So, you all are wondering how a average guy like myself ended up with such a beautiful fiance. What are chances? 1 to 2.2 billion that's very slim chances but nothing is impossible with firstly the help of God, and some research. So without further delay I would like to introduce a new series called The pickup series According to Truong.

The pickup series Broadcast1. How to pick up a white girl from a conservative background of Anglo-Celtic background.(WACC)

The key element in any endeavour is research. So before you invest cold hard cash into anything take a depth gauge reading and do a pilot study. Go out and rent some movies, or listen to audio books on Jane Austen. The key to all WACC girls is Jane Austen and 18th century Europe, if you are man enough you will have to sit! watch! and listen! Yes it will mundane, yes it will tedious, and yes it will arduous but in the end she will say "you are very amiable".
After the pilot study, you will have to apply this research to modern times. This is a crucial step for a successful completion of the research stage.
Now you can ask some of your friends either male or female it doesn't really matter because you can get honest advice from both. You have two options here you can either surprise them on an outing or plan an outing where you can carry out your mock dates. For example WACC girls generally enjoy picnics and walks. This is easy now since you have watched P&P, you will have to plan a trial picnic with antipasto for two, drinks preferably a selection of both red, wines and fortified to save money here buy miniatures, a vase so you can pick flowers for her(save money), and lastly a suitable a location where you can watch the sunset(I'll talk about this later).
So now go on at least 2 - 3 trial dates with a group of friends. From personal experience this opportunity provides you with the so call "peer review" method of marking. You will have to bite your tongue and accept all short comings because they are providing feed back on your research methods, this is where all your research and execution will be assessed. It's either pass or fail if you fail, go back to step one and RESEARCH.
A few locations I have found which are suitable for WACC girls in the 18th century ear include Centennial park on weekdays, Clovelly-Coogee coastal cliff areas, Concord west park lands near the hospital, Camden and surrounds, Richmond-Windsor river side areas and Mrs Macquarie Chair.

Execution, etiquette and dialogue.
Like gentleman of the 17-18th century brush your horses and polish your carriage that means you have to get out the leather polish. Now you wished you had some servants, but you don't so lets get into the right frame of mind for the 21st century and beyond. First thing is first CLEAN your car, inside and out. There are numerous Internet sites explaining how to detail your car properly, if your like me and have seen the Karate kid series "wax on wax off" is the key. Polishing your car is an important pre picnic ritual, it is sacred act going back to medieval times where knights and warriors would shine their armour and sharpen their blades. If you have a shiny car it will speak for itself, no matter what it is, it could be a Hyundai excel or a Ferrari a well polished car demonstrates that you are a man of principle. Secondly, you'll get mighty big fore arms afterward so remember to wear a short sleeve shirt to show them off.
So now the car is polished and is ozzy out exotic flavours like vanilla, walnut and honey . You have to pack a picnic for two, this is easy because you've done research. Easy!

Execution is simple, in the 18th century a man of principle would simply, request an audience with the WACC girl who he wanted to woo. For example, " I would like to ask you out for a picnic date, I will be picking you up from Address at Time. Since I am a busy man, I will not take No so be ready at the time requested." Easy, if she has no problems with that be ready. So notes here, Mr D would be arrogant, stuck up, and un-interested if you are like that you will surely woo your WACC. It's the principle man.
Etiquette is extremely important on the day of your date, because etiquette demonstrates a man of principle. Firstly, always walk beside your WACC girl on the side closest to danger ie, side of the oncoming traffic, facing crashing waves, and nearest cliff faces. Secondly, never request for help when carrying your picnic apparatus. Thirdly, give way to your lady when approaching 2-1 one lane ways. Finally, always open doors, this I have found tricky because some doors are outward pushing. If the door is outward swinging, simply walk forward, open it and let her proceed. Remember simple is beautiful, don't over do it, JUST Do it. It demonstrates principle. That's it PRINCIPLE.

Dialogue is the probably where most men will fail. Simple is beautiful keep to what you know best. If your only good at talking about cars, then don't talk. Just complement on how nice the weather is, the smell of her perfume. If it's a daytime date she will be wearing flora smells, if its the evening it's usually musk. Depending on which just it complement her complexion. Don't over complement or you'll get stuck.
So your running on empty now, with no more things to talk about because after watching P&P(Pride and Prejudice) you have the necessary research data. Crack open the alcohol try to buy alcohol that is seal, with a cork. This will show your confidence in using tools it demonstrate principle and will start a talking point. Topics include wine, travelling, Europe, motorbikes, leather jackets and tulips. By now you will be well into your alcohol and antipasto. If your lucky pick her a flower and put it in a vase because this will give you more talking material. Ok the picnic has gone on for at least 2 hours and the sun is setting since you have chosen a spot where you can both spectate it. I know your dying to kiss her, DON'T this will demonstrate principle and allows you to transit to a second date.

Well readers what a action packed first series. but I have to end it here because its like one of those choose your own adventures novels. Because who knows where it can lead. In summation be a man of principle and woo that WACC girl of your dreams by referring to The pick up series according to Truong.

Sydney siders we have a beautiful outlook this weekend. If you want a good drive I suggest driving to Canberra through the Old Hume highway, so you can go through Berrima and Goulburn. Once you are there you can watch the Canberra play the Knights at 3pm. But if your not into the Rugby League you can visit the Hermitage Winery in Mittagong. If Canberra doesn't tickle your fancy, go and explore the central coast and light a fire on the beach, wrap up some fish, spuds, and corn in foil dump it there and you can have a beach fire picnic. If you find a turtle shell lying around you can even make a clam soup. Use your 18th century imagination this weekend. Lastly I would like to thank you dear readers and Deo Gratias.

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