Friday, September 24, 2010

Men, how to groom yourself for a date.

Spic and span is a good state to be in. Lately, I have started to have showers after 6 weeks without one and I've notice that physical cleanliness is very important. While I was pondering this fact I knew the topic for this week for the According to Truong blog. Grooming and being clean while on a date.
It's been a while, and it is good to mention personal hygiene is extremely important in general and more so in dating. Firstly, when you are nervous you will sweat and to add to the discomfort Spring temperatures are on the increase, there will be an increase risk of body odour being released and this will deter woman from your presence.

Lets begin with grooming for a date.
Step 1.
Always, always have a shower, shave and brush your teeth. These are the foundations of grooming, a shower must be no shorter than 4mins and no longer than 10mins. If your spending more than 10mins in a shower your skin will go wrinkly thus making you more nervous on a date. It is good to get into a very hot shower so that your veins pop to the surface increasing the muscular tone to your arms. The arms are very important if your going rescue her from falling off a cliff.
After showering, it is best to put on some talcum powder and deodorant so that if you do sweat it will be absorbed by the talc and deodorant. No one really wants to see sweat pouring off your shirt and then drying
Secondly, the shave is important if you don't keep a beard. Just cream and aftershave will do no more no less. If your keeping a beard make sure it's old growth soft, and well brushed.
Thirdly, brushing your teeth is extremely important. A healthy smile can really turn the tide against you. Women generally look at a man's teeth to determine bone density and healthy child producing mechanisms. So please remember to brush your teeth regularly gentleman. Additionally, according to Men's health magazine, clean teeth also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Step 2. Details of the nails and the nose.
If your going anywhere, remember to trim the two N's. With young men, the rate of both nails and nostril hair is roughly 0.5mm a day. So after a week or two you have to be careful not to have long finger and toe nails. After your check of the nails, check your nose and trim accordingly. What can turn off a woman is bushy nose hair, it is the height of disgusting. So guys please remember the 2N's.

Step 3. Push ups
It's all about blood flood and adrenaline. Before putting on your going out clothes increase your blood flow and calm your nerves with a few push ups. Do as many as you need, when your chest begins to hurt you know your ready for anything. So if you do get a broken heart after the date, at least your chest is rock solid.

Step 4. Don't spend time on your hair.
When a man spends way to much time on hair products and shaping it you have problems. To make life easier, wear a hat or sun glasses. Maybe racing goggles, or animal skin hat. That will solve your problem.

Well I hoped I've cover all points to grooming and good luck.

What to do in Sydney this weekend, the weather forecast is looking spectacular it's going to be hot and time to get your swimming gear to head to the beach. Why not start with whale watching, at Sandon Point where a whale has beached itself on the rocks, followed by lunch down in Calburra. All in all, it's going to be hot so go somewhere to enjoy the sea breeze before it gets to hot and your toes will burn on the sand. Ouch.

Oh and a shout out to L>G and her brother who is hospital. Stay Ice Cool.
Oh and Chris your annoying but i'll link up your site just this week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another week ends, and the temperature is rising. I was walking to work and notice how visually spectacular the green and lush grass growing from the dark damp winter top soil. How beautiful is the fresh spring grass, it just makes you want to pull up alongside a park bench and watch the word go by. However not all of us have the luxury of slouching back to gaze into the blue skies of Sydney. So I hope everyone is enjoying the current blogs of late and I do thank you for reading these blog.
I have noticed that my blogs are usually aimed at the male audience but tonight my blog is a gift to all the ladies to enjoy if your out there reading it.

Firstly, I apologise if guys keep asking you out, coming around with polished cars and asking you out on dates to a remote location. But, I give credit where credit is due and say good on you for saying yes to that first date. Now here are some tips to guarantee to help you protect your heart and find the perfect man who you will spend the rest of your days with, a man who will make you laugh so hard you'll cry and at the same time your abs will get a working, so you'll have a flat stomach simply by just enjoying life.

Rule 1, Be wise, protect your heart.
Always, always be yourself, be clear and concise of what you want from a man. If you dont' know what you want Let Truong tell you. Firstly, he has to have a job or some sort of career path happening for him. If that being running alongside the garbage bin at 4am, or a sheep and grain farmer from country Victoria. If he has a job and can pay for a date from start to finish you can be assure he can provide you with a cave, kitchen, and maybe a clawfoot bath tub made of cast iron I know for a fact every womans dream is to have a Kitchen with all the Miele appliances complete with granite benchtops and a colonial style bathroom with an cast iron bath tub.
So on that first date remember to ask all these questions straight away, don't be fooled with all the sweet talking, because even if he is a mute and has a job you know he can provide a C>K>B. Oh if you are wondering, "I am only in uni or school can I go out on dates?" Well if your date has met these criterias ofcourse you can so long as he has met the criteria. IE Job, C>K>B.

Rule 2 Be prudent, beware of sweet talking.
So over the winter men have been reading the According to Truong blog and now he is confident with his ability to woo and court, using similes, blended with a hint of wit and toasted together with in offensive humour. BEEP BEEP BEEP, these are the warning bells, the only major fault, (warning!!!they may have other faults) in a woman is her inability to graciously avoid flattery. I have heard from various women "FLATTERY only gets you so far" So if your heart is not protected from flattery, wear a blouse close to the neckline so this will help direct his gaze towards your eyes. If he is looking at you as a women and not an object your date will go smoothly.

Rule 3. Have high standards.
It is good to expect more from men, because they are not the sharpest tool in God's shed when it comes to understanding their opposite and equal women. So if you expect your man to buy dinner, and dress in nice clothes once in a while then he will generally do it. However you the woman must have expectations. Go home write a list and see what a man can do to meet those expectations. The key to high expectations is to have high ones, and be surprised that they are being marked off. Secondly, don't expect all your expectations to be filled straight away because you'll be freaked out how much the guy knows about you and you'll be turned off. It takes a whole life time to work out what you expect because a woman's mind is base on emotions so please use your superior intellect and expect the un-expected, high expectations. In summary, have high stadards so you'll get treated as a Princess.

Rule 4. Have fun finally.
Courtship is fun, it is meant to make you laugh, it is meant to be an enjoyable time, so it's best and wise to be doing things on dates rather than sitting their aimlessly. So always expect the man to have a plan, that includes activities then some down time, and then end it. If you request to be dropped home earlier, it will make the second date a much more pleasant experience. If you have gone out on a second date and it isn't fun, can that man.
So you're probably wondering, "I am a girl and there a few men asking me out at the same time, what should I do?" Well my personal opinion is that if 5 guys ask you out, then be clear with all your suitors that you have a few dates planned and many suitors waiting. So you're looking for friendship first. Don't get caught up with just one guy. Of of those 5 guys one will shine through! Yes you are worth every single ounce of frustration that guy is going through.

Well there you have it, some simple and proven facts to aid you in your courtship. Ladies go out and enjoy being beautiful, young, happy, and be admired because with out you the world wouldn't be the same. Gosh this week has gone so quickly and work has allowed everyone to home early so I am taking my beloved LG out to dinner can't wait.(Hope your happy that you got a mention hehehehe)

What to do in Sydney this weekend, if your into Asian culture, then you are aware that Mid-Autumn festival is occurring in most Asian cultures these upcoming weeks. It is a good opportunity to explore the cultures and their individual cuisine. A great place to go this week is Cabramatta, catch the train, bring 50 dollars and enjoy it all. Smell, taste, see and feel what Cabramatta has to offer. Oh and Chris, David and Anthony my work mates, thanks for helping me to work you guys.

Deo Gratias.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Edition One of Spring pick up tales.

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If you are a Sydney sider you are witnessing the most spectacular blossom Sydney has to offer all year long. Along the streets of Sydney from apricot, plum, tea tree along with all the bulbs that are popping to life. It is a wonderful sight to behold. We are very blessed to be witnessing with our eyes motivation to be pro-active in everything we do. I know, I do have a broken leg but that hasn't stopped me from being pro-active in the brain matter. So with my new ultra supercharged brain power I have thought over and over about ways to help you the young average man, to really lift your game, to step it up and do what is right and proper in the Spring edition of your courtship adventure.

So, my friend J.T. has been lazy over the last winter and getting into the usual habits of playing computers games, listening to his Ipod and not worrying about his general appearance. Well there is one thing to tell you here, there are so many beautiful women (A.M.) in Sydney and if your not going to step it up, I am sorry to tell your summer will be like a male Seahorse with no one to go fishing with, or watching the sunset or even hold your bucket of water when your trying to stabilise the sand castle so she can pour in the water for you moat.

Okay lets not get to far ahead with our summer fantasies here, Spring is here and what are the quick solutions to the early stages of Spring love. To be blunt, there are no quick solutions here, over winter you should have befriended that lady love of yours and there should have been some dialogue. However if you have been unsuccessful, then it must have been, not polishing your car when you picked her up on that first date. Lets not despair J.T. all is not lost because, you can use Spring as a renewal of your search for the one that will make your stomach twist and turn, like when you eat too much chili flakes with pizza and beer.

So J.T., you've found A.M. and she is just jaw dropping stunning. Lets keep these identities hidden she could have green, hazel, brown, blue eyes but lets just say she's breath taking. J.T. is in luck because in Spring ladies will love to go out in the sun. Why do you think they are the fairer sex? It's because of their skin they need more Vitamin D from the sun thus women always have lighter skin tone then men. So J.T. use this to your advantage.

Lets cut straight to business here, in the next 2 weeks, all the Botanical gardens will be in full bloom, there are 3 excellent choices in the Sydney region, One being the Sydney Botanical, two being Mt Annan botanical and three being Mt Tomah. You must choose carefully which one you decide on taking her two.
Sydney is the safest bet, because you can use public transport and meet her there on a first date, therefore no need for a car, there is less pressure due to one on one time and finally it is a public place and she can leave if she feels uncomfortable. With the Sydneybotanical gardens there is an array of beautiful scenery, plenty of places to sit in public(No kissing just yet) and there are splendid Magnolia blossoms. However, you will have to contend with joggers, tourist, and noise.

Mt Annan is for the man that has a car, and for the lady that lives out in the west. It is the largest botanical gardens in the Sydney region and it is play hosts to beautiful specimens from all over Australia. It is more of a modern botanical garden with emphasis on native species, environmentally friendly alternatives to the more traditional Victorian era garden. This garden will appeal to more trendy of women who will like simple garden layout designs matched with good use of resources. If you have fallen in love with such a lady who likes native species, water tolerant plants, then your in for a treat because Mt Annan will help you discuss ways of building a environmental sustainable house together. Now isn't that a grand idea.

The last garden is my favourite, and the most risky option for a garden date. Mt Tomah is roughly 2 hours drive into the hill country of Sydney. The drive incorporates the many historical MacArthur townships which include Windsor and Richmond. You will have to polish your car for this date. Secondly, the park itself will appeal to the most discerning of women because it hosts an array of Victorian era features such as benches, afternoon tea houses and garden layout.
It is a formal garden in a sense that there are an array of exotic plant species including flowering plants, ornamental trees and seasonal flowering beds. Since, the garden is a fair distance away from Sydney there are only a small number of visitors, meaning more private time, and a higher chance of your date being frighten you might pull some moves on her. However, to prevent this happening explore the gardens for roughly 2 hours and sit down for lunch either packed or at the cafe to break the momentum of the date. If things are successful proceed to woo her, in the formal maze garden. I have watched many English romantic dramas and maze gardens are a winner when trying to woo that girl of your dream.

Lets end it here for the week and I wish everyone a pleasant weekend filled with happy memories. I know where I am going to take my beloved L.G. this weekend maze garden woo hoo. Deo Gratias.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

According to Truong Stats for September

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So how about it? The according to Truong series has made it through the winter and I would like to thank you personally to all my readers out there, especially the 2 brave ones from Mongolia that I will try to right about how to pick up Girls in various countries even Mongolia.
In this blog i just want to review the last few months before the Spring edition comes out with what has made the According to Truong series so popular over the last few months.
The key to the According to Truong blog has been the pick up series, so I would like to really reinforce this series in the up coming spring edition. I do hope that, all this reading I have been up to because of my broken leg can help to close down the barriers that stop men and women engaging in beautiful courtship.

Wow all have to say that I would have never imagined so many people have been reading the blogs> When I see people far as Italy and the UK reading this blog I humbled and really thankful of such readership.

According to these statistics it is super clear that Osman and his mention in the Pick series has been by far the most popular topic and thanks to my engagement with beautiful Lucy i will start to focus on the pick up series. So just a final thanks to everyone for their valuable feed back to continue this important work to secure world peace.

Well it's the part you've been waiting for, what what what to do this weekend in Sydney? Lets do something fun and encourage outdoor activity. Have you ever been mushroom picking? Well why don't you head down to the local forest pass Oberon way and go into the state forest and hunt for mushrooms. With the recent rain and increase in temperature there are sure to be mushrooms. Things to consider about mushroom picking, remember to bring a field guide, a friend who is not colourblind, water, a jacket, a portable stove, spices, bread, wine, cheese, a change of clothes, and a map so not to get lost in the forest. If your unsuccessfully in your mushroom hunt, you can find some heaps of local pubs along the way home via the Bells Line of Road. Now that sounds like fun! If you do undergo mushroom poisoning always have strong alcohol on hand to induce vomiting.
On that note, happy mushroom picking and enjoy your weekend.
Deo Gratias.

Below are so sites to help you find mushrooms without fear of dying.