Thursday, September 2, 2010

According to Truong Stats for September

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So how about it? The according to Truong series has made it through the winter and I would like to thank you personally to all my readers out there, especially the 2 brave ones from Mongolia that I will try to right about how to pick up Girls in various countries even Mongolia.
In this blog i just want to review the last few months before the Spring edition comes out with what has made the According to Truong series so popular over the last few months.
The key to the According to Truong blog has been the pick up series, so I would like to really reinforce this series in the up coming spring edition. I do hope that, all this reading I have been up to because of my broken leg can help to close down the barriers that stop men and women engaging in beautiful courtship.

Wow all have to say that I would have never imagined so many people have been reading the blogs> When I see people far as Italy and the UK reading this blog I humbled and really thankful of such readership.

According to these statistics it is super clear that Osman and his mention in the Pick series has been by far the most popular topic and thanks to my engagement with beautiful Lucy i will start to focus on the pick up series. So just a final thanks to everyone for their valuable feed back to continue this important work to secure world peace.

Well it's the part you've been waiting for, what what what to do this weekend in Sydney? Lets do something fun and encourage outdoor activity. Have you ever been mushroom picking? Well why don't you head down to the local forest pass Oberon way and go into the state forest and hunt for mushrooms. With the recent rain and increase in temperature there are sure to be mushrooms. Things to consider about mushroom picking, remember to bring a field guide, a friend who is not colourblind, water, a jacket, a portable stove, spices, bread, wine, cheese, a change of clothes, and a map so not to get lost in the forest. If your unsuccessfully in your mushroom hunt, you can find some heaps of local pubs along the way home via the Bells Line of Road. Now that sounds like fun! If you do undergo mushroom poisoning always have strong alcohol on hand to induce vomiting.
On that note, happy mushroom picking and enjoy your weekend.
Deo Gratias.

Below are so sites to help you find mushrooms without fear of dying.

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