Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paddington Bear

Salutations readers, I really hope that everyone has had a great week with all it's up and downs. But hopefully there has been more up then falling over. My leg is on the mend I know this fore sure because my nerves are slowing yet surely finding where they are suppose to connect. Secondly I can move my big toe. Hopefully this week I can talk about one of my favourite characters of all time Paddington bear from Darkest Peru. I do hope with this blog, I do open your eyes to this lovely classic of children's literature and put it to good use in your very own adventures.

Paddington bear what is he all about?
At first glance the Paddington bear series when viewed in the eye of a child is fun, simple and humorous stop movie animation. However when watching it as an adult I have been able to gain valuable insights into my own life.
My number one thought about Paddington bear is his confidence and trust in what he is doing. He was sent by his Aunt Lucy to England to live. Wow, if only we can trust our Aunt Lucy and listen to her. We humans really need to trust, firstly in God in others and ourselves. Can you imagine what Paddington would have been thinking about arriving in a foreign country with no where to stay, no marmalade to eat, and no friends. Gosh if it were me, I would have plan everything down to the toe clippers. Well maybe not as detailed as some people.

Moving along the story line, Paddington is found by a loving family "The Browns", they take him in and care for him. Providing food, shelter and love. He is part of the family. This is human charity and it teaches us a lesson in equality. They don't discriminate Paddington because he is a bear, but realise the situation he is in, and without hesitation help him with all they can offer.

The longer Paddington lives in England, the more he is accepted into his new and strange environment. He is welcomed to all the best parties through coincidence. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and this is true in the case of Paddington. However the thing about Paddington he is always humble and thankful about all that happens to him.

My favourite part of Paddington is his relationship with his neighbour Mr Curry. We all know that there is always a person in our lives that are just plain pricks and like a rose thorn in our backsides, or that itch on our back we can't scratch. In this case this person is Mr Curry, the neighbour of Paddington. One of Mr Curry's most annoying traits is his constant criticisms of Paddington. He is always ridiculing Paddington on everything he does. He also refuses to address Paddington by his name, but simply shouts BEAR. Paddington on the other hand, loves his neighbour and never had ill intent towards him, he tries to help Mr Curry out as much as possible and is always better off for it.

It's amazing how much we can learn from Paddington, I can guarantee from watching the Paddington series we as humans can really live in peace and harmony. I do apologise about not talking about picking up this week but my favourite bear Paddington bear just needs a mention so everyone can enjoy life.

Well the weekend is finally here and the weather in Sydney is going to be bright and sunny with an easterly breeze. It's been a while since I' have gone outside to fly a kite. So my suggestion for this weekend is head out to your local toys R Us, or Kmart, and buy yourself a single line kite and go outside and launch it into the skies. Some good places to launch a kite is your local oval, or down the beach and you can then have an ice cream to follow your endeavours.

Happy flying, Deo Gratias.

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