Thursday, September 9, 2010

Edition One of Spring pick up tales.

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If you are a Sydney sider you are witnessing the most spectacular blossom Sydney has to offer all year long. Along the streets of Sydney from apricot, plum, tea tree along with all the bulbs that are popping to life. It is a wonderful sight to behold. We are very blessed to be witnessing with our eyes motivation to be pro-active in everything we do. I know, I do have a broken leg but that hasn't stopped me from being pro-active in the brain matter. So with my new ultra supercharged brain power I have thought over and over about ways to help you the young average man, to really lift your game, to step it up and do what is right and proper in the Spring edition of your courtship adventure.

So, my friend J.T. has been lazy over the last winter and getting into the usual habits of playing computers games, listening to his Ipod and not worrying about his general appearance. Well there is one thing to tell you here, there are so many beautiful women (A.M.) in Sydney and if your not going to step it up, I am sorry to tell your summer will be like a male Seahorse with no one to go fishing with, or watching the sunset or even hold your bucket of water when your trying to stabilise the sand castle so she can pour in the water for you moat.

Okay lets not get to far ahead with our summer fantasies here, Spring is here and what are the quick solutions to the early stages of Spring love. To be blunt, there are no quick solutions here, over winter you should have befriended that lady love of yours and there should have been some dialogue. However if you have been unsuccessful, then it must have been, not polishing your car when you picked her up on that first date. Lets not despair J.T. all is not lost because, you can use Spring as a renewal of your search for the one that will make your stomach twist and turn, like when you eat too much chili flakes with pizza and beer.

So J.T., you've found A.M. and she is just jaw dropping stunning. Lets keep these identities hidden she could have green, hazel, brown, blue eyes but lets just say she's breath taking. J.T. is in luck because in Spring ladies will love to go out in the sun. Why do you think they are the fairer sex? It's because of their skin they need more Vitamin D from the sun thus women always have lighter skin tone then men. So J.T. use this to your advantage.

Lets cut straight to business here, in the next 2 weeks, all the Botanical gardens will be in full bloom, there are 3 excellent choices in the Sydney region, One being the Sydney Botanical, two being Mt Annan botanical and three being Mt Tomah. You must choose carefully which one you decide on taking her two.
Sydney is the safest bet, because you can use public transport and meet her there on a first date, therefore no need for a car, there is less pressure due to one on one time and finally it is a public place and she can leave if she feels uncomfortable. With the Sydneybotanical gardens there is an array of beautiful scenery, plenty of places to sit in public(No kissing just yet) and there are splendid Magnolia blossoms. However, you will have to contend with joggers, tourist, and noise.

Mt Annan is for the man that has a car, and for the lady that lives out in the west. It is the largest botanical gardens in the Sydney region and it is play hosts to beautiful specimens from all over Australia. It is more of a modern botanical garden with emphasis on native species, environmentally friendly alternatives to the more traditional Victorian era garden. This garden will appeal to more trendy of women who will like simple garden layout designs matched with good use of resources. If you have fallen in love with such a lady who likes native species, water tolerant plants, then your in for a treat because Mt Annan will help you discuss ways of building a environmental sustainable house together. Now isn't that a grand idea.

The last garden is my favourite, and the most risky option for a garden date. Mt Tomah is roughly 2 hours drive into the hill country of Sydney. The drive incorporates the many historical MacArthur townships which include Windsor and Richmond. You will have to polish your car for this date. Secondly, the park itself will appeal to the most discerning of women because it hosts an array of Victorian era features such as benches, afternoon tea houses and garden layout.
It is a formal garden in a sense that there are an array of exotic plant species including flowering plants, ornamental trees and seasonal flowering beds. Since, the garden is a fair distance away from Sydney there are only a small number of visitors, meaning more private time, and a higher chance of your date being frighten you might pull some moves on her. However, to prevent this happening explore the gardens for roughly 2 hours and sit down for lunch either packed or at the cafe to break the momentum of the date. If things are successful proceed to woo her, in the formal maze garden. I have watched many English romantic dramas and maze gardens are a winner when trying to woo that girl of your dream.

Lets end it here for the week and I wish everyone a pleasant weekend filled with happy memories. I know where I am going to take my beloved L.G. this weekend maze garden woo hoo. Deo Gratias.

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