Friday, September 24, 2010

Men, how to groom yourself for a date.

Spic and span is a good state to be in. Lately, I have started to have showers after 6 weeks without one and I've notice that physical cleanliness is very important. While I was pondering this fact I knew the topic for this week for the According to Truong blog. Grooming and being clean while on a date.
It's been a while, and it is good to mention personal hygiene is extremely important in general and more so in dating. Firstly, when you are nervous you will sweat and to add to the discomfort Spring temperatures are on the increase, there will be an increase risk of body odour being released and this will deter woman from your presence.

Lets begin with grooming for a date.
Step 1.
Always, always have a shower, shave and brush your teeth. These are the foundations of grooming, a shower must be no shorter than 4mins and no longer than 10mins. If your spending more than 10mins in a shower your skin will go wrinkly thus making you more nervous on a date. It is good to get into a very hot shower so that your veins pop to the surface increasing the muscular tone to your arms. The arms are very important if your going rescue her from falling off a cliff.
After showering, it is best to put on some talcum powder and deodorant so that if you do sweat it will be absorbed by the talc and deodorant. No one really wants to see sweat pouring off your shirt and then drying
Secondly, the shave is important if you don't keep a beard. Just cream and aftershave will do no more no less. If your keeping a beard make sure it's old growth soft, and well brushed.
Thirdly, brushing your teeth is extremely important. A healthy smile can really turn the tide against you. Women generally look at a man's teeth to determine bone density and healthy child producing mechanisms. So please remember to brush your teeth regularly gentleman. Additionally, according to Men's health magazine, clean teeth also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Step 2. Details of the nails and the nose.
If your going anywhere, remember to trim the two N's. With young men, the rate of both nails and nostril hair is roughly 0.5mm a day. So after a week or two you have to be careful not to have long finger and toe nails. After your check of the nails, check your nose and trim accordingly. What can turn off a woman is bushy nose hair, it is the height of disgusting. So guys please remember the 2N's.

Step 3. Push ups
It's all about blood flood and adrenaline. Before putting on your going out clothes increase your blood flow and calm your nerves with a few push ups. Do as many as you need, when your chest begins to hurt you know your ready for anything. So if you do get a broken heart after the date, at least your chest is rock solid.

Step 4. Don't spend time on your hair.
When a man spends way to much time on hair products and shaping it you have problems. To make life easier, wear a hat or sun glasses. Maybe racing goggles, or animal skin hat. That will solve your problem.

Well I hoped I've cover all points to grooming and good luck.

What to do in Sydney this weekend, the weather forecast is looking spectacular it's going to be hot and time to get your swimming gear to head to the beach. Why not start with whale watching, at Sandon Point where a whale has beached itself on the rocks, followed by lunch down in Calburra. All in all, it's going to be hot so go somewhere to enjoy the sea breeze before it gets to hot and your toes will burn on the sand. Ouch.

Oh and a shout out to L>G and her brother who is hospital. Stay Ice Cool.
Oh and Chris your annoying but i'll link up your site just this week.

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