Thursday, October 14, 2010

According to Truong Spring fashion reviews.

After a few weeks of the dreaded and contagious bloggers mental block I am ready to write the next series of According to Truong. Spring fashion and why ladies clothing is very similar to modifications to cars.
First off, I do apologise for the dryness and lack of posts the past weeks and would like to thank you dear readers for coming back for another exciting series, where I will attempt to help to close the divide between understanding women. It's going to be very hard but like fishing it takes practice and patient, remember the two P's.
Lets start with why I think buying clothes with a lady is similar to modifying your car. This week I would like to start with the paint job and body kit. Like a car, the paint job and the body kit is the exterior appearance of the car and similar to dress, skirts, tops. However the major difference here is with a car, you usually only get one paint job and one body kit for the life of the car while you will have to go to at least three seasons a year with a woman. So be prepare and you will save time and money in your shopping adventure.

1. Choose your brand carefully.
When choosing a body kit for you car you always look for the best brands and best quality, for example you would choose a TRD kit with a Toyota, and a Nismo Kit for a Nissan, however you can venture into other companies depending on what you like, ABS resin or Cheap Taiwanese made fiberglass types. So before you go out there to help you choose some new clothing for your lady, search the Internet for what style you like, before you go out blind and get asked to walk endless through entire shopping malls. From experience, after about 3 dresses all dresses look the same and it is very difficult to tell the difference between red and pink.
2. Choose your style according to season and occasion.
It is extremely important to ask her, why do you want it? when are you going to where it, do you really need it? and is it made in China? when you have established these rules you can shop precisely and honestly for what you are looking for.
For example, before you start shopping, you have to be clear on what is this shopping expedition for, has she done some research on what she wants and will she wear it again.

Now that we have some ground rules lets start with some piratical examples of dress and my review of Review. I am big fan of Review because; number one it is made in Australia, number two their choice of material is excellent and thirdly their elegant style.

Day time dress for semi-formal occasions.
Why I like?
Simple design there are no extra bits to say "I am a rice cooker", beautiful motif which will ensure your dress will be wearable for another 2 decades, a nice colour that can go with a variety of occasions and skin tones. For example it is neither white or red so you could wear it to a wedding, then go to the beach and have a fish and chips.
Furthermore like buying car parts you want to look for durability. Since this dress if I am not mistaken is made i Australia it will be of the highest quality. Since this season Review has undergone a change and many of their dresses are Zipless meaning no more snags. This is pretty cool because once a zipper is busted the dress is pretty much gone. If your dress has a zip, remember to maintain it with lubricate such as wax or soap to ensure it glides, you can even put silicon or Teflon base sprays on your zipper to maintain the high level of zippiness especially for those quick 15min formula one style outfit changes. By maintaining your zippers you will have a dress wardrobe that is in tip top condition.
Beware, if your like me and always looking for a bargain, beware of fake copies especially on ebay. To avoid buying a fake off ebay, always ask for the tags, especially the unique security tag, they are as large as a British postage stamp.

I would like to end this first edition of the According to Truong fashion review and I hope to see you again in the further editions of my blog.

What to do in Sydney this weekend?
Gosh, it's been quite a while since I have been out, but the weekend outlook is for bright sunny skies. So it's festival season with a number of street festivals in Strathfield and the City, the noodle night markets. And if your into going to the circus, The Moscow circus is in town, all the way from Russia I think. So get out there and enjoy this beautiful spring weather.
Deo Gratias.

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  1. As the weather gets warmer women wear less and less clothes. Wearing lighter materials instead of less clothes would remedy this little problem and make it possible for men to cross the street without having to turn there heads;

    a) towards the abomination, or
    b) away from the abomination.

    Scientists suggest that this phenomenon has a strong correlation to the amount of road accidents. Accidents exponentially increase in spring and summer.