Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spring Fashion review part 2, evening wear

Salutations readers after a great week we all deserve a good seat down next to a pint of Honey Mead. If you haven't try Honey Mead you best try it, it is the drink of the gods, I say gods because I don't want to be a heathen. It's been two weeks since my last blog and like confession it's best to get them done in 2 week blocks. So without much further delay I would like to present to you According to Truong's spring fashion review part 2 evening wear.

Before we start I would like to write about the feed back I have been getting back from my friend Osman quoting " why are you writing about women's clothing?". This is an easy question, if you do your research on clothing you can save yourself time when your girlfriend asks you " do i look good in this?" all you have to say, yes you look good because I chose it. By showing an interest from the start it will help you along the way. Secondly, as a man growing up with 3 sisters I know that every woman is different and has moods that change like the Botany bay tide. In that fact, showing interest in clothing will determine how you treat women if they are on display then things will go downhill, if they dress accordingly things will start to develop internally.

Now spring is upon us, and thank God we have long day light hours and with long day light hours come long strolls along the harbour side. So what can one lady wear on such dates or outings in this dynamic weather condition. Well if you have clocked off from work and don't have time to get change then this review of Review fashion will surely help you along the way.

Date attire for evening outings

Diagram 1, Left model with black and white peony silk skirt.

When I look at this outfit, I just step back and say woah, double woah. And gentlemen if you ever feel this way, say to your date" you look absolutely ravishing!!!" and remember to look at the right places to avoid getting slapped. Anyhoos lets get on with the review.
Firstly, from the bottom the skirt has a classical peony black and white print. This sort of print does not go out of fashion and can be seem in many cultures . The versatility will help you if your boyfriend takes you to a Asian or European restaurant it will go well at any place. Secondly, the length of the skirt will help mobility especially if your date takes you out to a salsa bar, therefore you can really set the dance floor on fire. So mobility and modesty really go side by side and it aims at promoting mobility and freedom when your on these awesome dates.
The top half of this outfit is complemented with a silk blouse and light weight biker jacket. I really love this biker jacket because of it's cut and how it fits the arms and waist of the female figure very well. Not only does it look great but it will keep you warm in the dynamic spring weather. As you are aware I am a big fan of bikes.

Diagram 2. Right model Scarlett skirt Ingrid blouse.

One word here, this outfit is pretty! It's a complete unit that incorporates that first social outing meeting at a location in the city. Good places to meet are the Hyde Park Fountain, or the steps of the St Mary Cathedral. This unit allows you to go to work and go for that date you have been putting off for a while. So if you've been asked out a few times and haven't said yes, then this outfit can help you with that awkward date. Firstly, this outfit says I am pretty and confident, I am independent and I am not in a rush to fall into your arms unless that man is going to try extremely hard.
Lets start this review from the top to the bottom. The top is made from a silk/polyester blend with a nice cut and fit from the neck and shoulder lines expressing the feminine figure in a well blended format similar to that of a Honda S2000, the most notably is the fitted short cuffs that personally I really like on woman especially when she has her hand on her hips like the model, because I know I am in trouble. It's so much easy to read body language if the girl is dressing in a language we men can understand.

The skirt is just stunning for the price range, its blends model skirt cut style with a classical Romanesques motif on the lace finished with a small black leather belt. As my old computer programming professor would say, SIMPLE is beautiful and this skirt is the epitome of Simple and beautiful.
In short if she is wearing such an outfit she is shouting in your face, I deserve to go to a nice restaurant that requires a booking, with a table that has real cloth tablecloths not those paper ones followed by a desert that looks like this.

So if a lady is wearing this on your first date and you haven't booked a restaurant it's going to be a date FAIL. Sorry lads.

Lets get stuck into what we can do in Sydney this week. October is a great month, our nation's capital is celebrating the annual flower festival and what a great way to spend a day by visiting Canberra and strolling along the blossom filled boulevards. An amazing place that I have always wanted to explore is the little model village town of Cockington Green. So Sydneysiders set forth for our capital to enjoy these blooms before they wither. Deo Gratias.

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