Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spring fashion Review 3

Well it's been a rain drenched week, and how wonderful is this rain! I just love the sound of rain either softly or lightly falling on the roof of the colorbond carport. It's gives you the sense of regularity and puts you to bed in less than 10mins. Its been a while since I could remember such rain, since the mid 1990's me thinks? when I was an annoying asian ankle bitter, I could remember putting paper boats down the kerb side and see it slowly drift to sea via our stormwater systems. I wonder where all those boats sailed to? Could it be Vietnam or even as far as Madagascar. Well I hope everyone out there has had a productive week and all smooth sailing with our fair trade winds, oh and this month of November we remember all our deceased, especially our loved ones, our soildiers who have fought in numerous wars for freedom and all those who have died with no one to remember them . Requiescat in pace

In this next installment of according to Truong spring fashion review I would like to incorporate wet weather fashion. I have been catching the train lately to work and it's a horror story for my post surgery ankle, each and every surface presents an adventure and being Truong, I love adventure.
Well lets start at why I really hate umbrellas and the mass usuage of uncessary, useless, umerous,under-rated,utterly irritating Umbrellas.

Firstly, in Sydney where we are trying so hard to be So called environmentally friendly, we are buying these cheap and nasty umbrellas which require massive resources to make to keep our head dry. Not only most of them are made in China, they only last a few weeks and people discard them all over the place. They are an eyesore and a waste of money, resources and makes our beloved city look cheap and plastic.

So how do you dress for wet weather? Ladies first of course, beauty before brain and brawn. I have always been a believer of the coat! Ladies should wear the spring weight cotton version by various brands out there, but I insist investing a high quality English made one if the price is too high try European or Australian made or even Korean, but never chinese because you want to make an investment not waste your money. They are light weight and the styling on these coats will suit any outfit, go for the double brested red or creams because they will enhance the waist line of any woman once the straps are done up. I prefer lapels as well.

If coats are not your thing, the a leather jacket, full grain lamb is the way to go. It is water proof and the look is to die for. Buying something that comes in black, red, dark brown will be suitiable. It is easy to choose the colour here, if your 30 or under red is the colour of choice, if your over 30 brown or black is the way to go here. Easy.
Next how do you keep your hair dry from all this weather if your a lady? Well thats really easy, there are soo many hat shops our there. Generally wool or felt hats will go nicely, please choose hats in red to white spectrum of the colour rainbow. You can choose from a variety of hats, but I have always been a fan of small hats on ladies with a small brim> please see attached.

Oh, I almost forgot I am always hearing "my feet are cold and my socks are wet", could you turn your car heater to the foot flow function. I really hate when this happens because not only does it fogs the windscreen, it also makes me feet really hot and it's super annoying, but like always beauty before safety. So there it a solution please please stop your complains because there is such an easy solution here. Go and buy new boots, yes Truong is giving all the ladies out there to go shoe shopping. Sorry lads but sometimes it is a necessary occasion of shopping here, you must go and help buy wool lined boots with a slight heal,tightly fitted toe and a sole that can be re-sole as time passes by. I have seem many beautiful boots out there, buy ones made in Europe because they are the best. Furthermore, leather gets better as time goes by and it gives your man out there a job of keeping them polished and watertight. I suggest using KIWI brand, but I know other people out there like using Dubbin, cough cough Chris.

Now moving onto the lads, we lads are easy, simply buy a gortex jacket, or leather jacket, or simply get wet. Cover your head with a cap, hat or get wet. Wear shoes made of leather and socks. Remember to always polish your leather boots or they won't be water proof for long. So easy. Lets move on to this week's review of Review.

Formal wear Gracie Lace dress for that super ultra 4000CmsT date.

So it's the end of the year almost, and you being a man-man like the old spice guy you want to do the right thing by your girlfriend, or someone you have been admiring for a while. You decide to spend up big and buy tickets to "Noel" peformed by the Sydney Philharmonia or it's the fancy Christmas dinner or even the Society Ball. Wow this is the big date, and if you have been reading my blog over the last few months you have been Crystal clear about asking that one girl out on a date.

Well ladies now please accept because Truong is feeling gracious today because he is allowing you to go shopping for that end of year dress. Being Truong he hates shopping but according this blog it is a necessary occasion of shopping. Well lets start.

Gracie lace dress by review, why do I like this dress? Well just look at the colour its just magnificent it's like a beautiful Don Perignon Champagne or that lovely 1960's Gullwing Merc. It just screams class and elegance. All I can if ladies are dress like this, they will sure be treated like a Spanish princess.

Now onto the fitting, it graciously fit the lines of the body and it gives the user the choice of wearing a long jacket or coat if it rains, or simply a light weight woollen jacket so you can burden the man to carry it on your long walk back to the Sydney Opera house car park, or you have been a tight you've parked in the rocks where there is limited free parking.

Finally, with such a beautiful piece all i can say don't wear belts or over do the accessory because this one unit is a stand alone and it meant to be that way.

I hoped that everyone has had a lovely time reading this blog and that your weekend if filled with super fun enjoyment. Now your wondering why Truong is so hyped up about rain, well there is so much fun to be had when it rains because you can do indoor activities, and since I have been advocating shopping maybe it's time to take your lady friend on a shopping date. Sorry lads but it a shopping weekend indoors with savoury pancakes, eggs Benedict, smoked trout, followed by cucumber sandwiches, earl grey tea, followed by more eating slow roasted lamb with a glass of port.
I'll place my order of bangers and mash with dark Ale! Deo gratias

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