Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love sickness, Poor poor Kevin PM

Thank you all for coming back to According to Truong blog spot again. Once again we've had a great week. Much has happen to us, finally the World Cup fever is almost over, with all my favourite teams of Australia, England, and South Korea being ousted of contention. Without much delay I would like present to YOU my beloved readers, According to Truong for this week.

Love sickness what is this? And how we should have some sympathy for our dear leader, ex prime minster the Honourable Kevin Rudd. So your just an average guy, you've been through one or two deep and meaningful relationships in your life. But your also a man who is full of pride and would never admit that you suffer or have suffered from love sickness. I am sure this is you, and if your saying it's not, your suffering from love sickness at this very moment.
Love sickness hits you deep down, down to your very being, since I am a guy I can only describe it how I saw it. Firstly, you get hit with pride, saying what a twat, and female dog the girl is, and you can do better. But once she has left, your left with fermenting memories and feelings like making wine with Oak chips rather than in a French oak barrel. I reckon Kevin was going through this when he was heartbroken, when the country he loved betrayed him like a two timing tuna fish.
Next comes, the anger where you want to break someones ribs or hurl a brick at some one's house. So Kevin might be going through this, because once a man is angry he can do some terrible things like burning petrol with washing powder.
Stop right here before you do anything rash, before you go on your rampage of fury you need energy, so the best way to go about this is, 1 gather wood from the near by park, 2. split the wood up, 3 put it in a Weber BBQ, 4 pour some petrol on it 5, light it, 6 cook thick spicy Italian sausages with skewed prawns. NOW YOUR READY for some testosterone fed rage.

I recommend this page if you need help becoming a man.

When this stage is over you'll go through nights where your riddled with memories of strawberry coated moments. So Kevin, don't sugar coat it, see it for what it was.
In summation at this stage of love sickness, your almost cured because you have been through all the stages of pride, anger, and hopefulness. Now your ready to look into other boulevards, and when you see these green pastures your cure.

So lets graze in these green pastures, from my experience the green pasture I have found has been lush like no other. If you have ever been through rural France, and have seen those fat cheese producing cows put yourself in that picture and say Gosh Truong is lucky. I am in those pastures now. They are full of fat cheese producing cows, eating buttercups and chasing bumble bees around fields of tulips. Once you are there your home my friend. Go and search for these fat French cow, producing pastures. Breath, take it in and rest assure because your home.
Once your home, everything starts to fall into place, your on your way to becoming a happily married man with a home that has, curtains and maybe blinds but your happy.

If your are in the same situation as Kevin, being back stabbed by his beloved, blitz through the stages of love sickness quickly That's it MAN UP! so you can find your green pastures sooner where you can eat cheese that has come from Fatted French cows.

What to do this weekend in Sydney? Living in the greatest city in the world presents us with a wide range of choices. Firstly, the toy story 3 movie has come out and I've heart it is a great movie for men to watch to open up to their emotion side. Secondly, have you consider all the great markets around Sydney, consider a trip to the Paddy's Market in Flemington, where you can indulge in fresh produce from Cheese, Chorizo and Calamari.

I hope that everyone has a well earned weekend and I look forward to see you all bright eyed next week with stories to tell of a wonderful weekend. Deo Gratias

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