Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deo Gratias

Dear All, it's been a whole year and what a wonderful year it has been, if you have been following the according to Truong series, I would like to applaud your patience because Truong is a very complex human being and following the situations in the blog would have been a difficult one. But thank you once again dear readers.

Lets get stuck into it, and talk about the most controversial item of the blog. GIRLS and BAKING.
This topic for me has been the talking point of most conversations and I have not only been the centre of scrutiny but also gained a few kilograms in the process. I must admit women do love to prove a point and the point has been made that they surely can bake. From Mars bars slice to awesome RACE TRACK chocolate cakes with tiny teddy race car drivers on a liquorice tarmac.
However I am yet to taste Lucy Gressers famous cheese cake assortment. I am sure it will be coming in the near future.

But my Akubra straw hat goes off to Tiny Teddy race car drivers in Marsbar cars with, smarties alloy wheels. Awesome. If a girl can produce such a cool cake, and they accidentally burn it. It doesn't matter because If it has some sort of car/racing/engine theme it is a WINNER. Chequered flag and all.

Now, lets us not stick to just cakes, there are also party pies, pizzas, roast meats, jacket potatoes.
And lets not forget famous roast chickens with stuffing and gravy. What about using other mediums of cooking not only can you use an oven, you can even use a camp fire. One important thing I have learnt from this series is that baking is at the heart of every women, and not only can they bake beautiful things to eat out of love. But the most beautiful form of baking is bringing lovely children into this world as they idiom goes "I've got one in the oven". So my formal felt Akubra really goes off with a bow and formal proclamation saying thank you.
So even if it's overdone, there will always be a miraculous ding at the end with a smile.

Well I hope that everyone has enjoyed the series this year and this will be the last broadcast before I go on holidays for the year, I would like to start writing these blogs again after I have come back from Tasmania with the famous Frassati group.

Now what can we do in Sydney this weekend? It's going to be a big weekend if you're don't have any plans then thats a good thing. Because I would stay home because of all the crazy shopping that will be going on this weekend so be careful not to trip or fall. So have a Merry Christmas that is fill with peace and Joy of celebrating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ with the people you love most in this world. Deo gratias.

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