Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I love my parents, now.

(Thanks dear! I love this new hat you bought for me, now I can chop wood to keep you warm back in our love cabin.!)

Boy, what a lovely week. Sydney has really show how beautiful it can be in the mid of winter. Not only she is blue, and clear, you can even wear a T-shirt and walk your dog without your toes freezing off. Deo gratias Sydney is the number one city in the world. So another week of according to Truong.

This week I have been thinking, I really love my parents. I wonder why it has taken me this long for all this to happen. So here it goes.

So from the ages of 0-15 you rely on parents for everything. Lets see from nappies, to peanuts, to watermelons, to those great birthday parties. Oh those birthday parties with the homemade spring rolls, fried rice with pork sausages followed by a water fight ending with a hose spraying all the girls. Then life moves on, and then your parents buy you, your first suit and you become rebel. You disagree with everything your parents say. I guess the bird is finding it's feathers and another bird.

Bummer now your at the stage when you think your wiser and better than your parents, you leave the country for a few years and realise life is great at first but no where is better than home. The grass seems green in England, but does it taste as good or when you lie down in your bed are your toes dry I am serious ARE YOUR TOES dry. Well my weren't.

Returning home. What a feeling sorting your life out, your parents are so helpful and still treat you like a little child. It feels great I don't know why we ever left home. I guess coming home your have a fresh outlook on how great your parents are.

Well I hope that most people realise this and give their folks a nice big hug, or a good old conversation. Because the only people that will never leave you are your parents.

WOLRD CUP FEVER has hit Sydney. So if you like staying up late and eating maccas, kebabs, and yerros. Sydney has a few live sites all around this great city. I rec commend watching some of the games to enjoy the experience of this great game of Football the World game.
PS I have world cup fever, so I just wanted to write about how I love my parents.
So have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you all next week on According to Truong

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