Thursday, March 3, 2011

Act 1 Scene 2?

Good morning, one and all, greetings and hello. If you have been waking up early lately you have realise that it is very dark, this is due to the sun being tired from it's hard work through out the summer. Providing sunlight to brown our skin and grow our barley. To make our bones healthy and our Abbey rich fragrant. So it's time for the sun to have a bit of a snooze.
That's right, Autumn is upon us once again and as we prepare ourselves for the winter and for the most holy season in the Church's calender, Lent and Easter. Goodness me, it was only Christmas last time I looked at my Vietnamese Ao Dai calender. Gosh, you have probably realise i can write a lot of rubbish, and there is much hot air that comes out of my mouth. But I can assure you this blog entry is worth it's weight in Vietnamese spring rolls. The information is jam packed and everyone will read it and go, yup good on ya Truong! , you do have some interesting insights on relationships and how to resolve conflict.Well you are probably wondering what this blog is going to be about, don't worry it's very simple. Act 1 Scene 2.

Act 1 scene 2, have you ever participated in a play, musical or choir? Well if you are a guy and haven't been in one, it's best to understand the concept, of "lets react that scene or re sing that verse!" because quite recently I have discovered a perfect way to resolve conflict. It's so simple and I wonder why I didn't think of it before. I am going to promise results here.

So here a typical situation, you are walking in a park with your beloved,you are both eating healthy carrots and apples. Since you are trying to look super fit for the big day. (Yup finally, the wedding invites are out!). The guy in this situation is Mack and his a very clumsy fellow, with arms like the stump of Huon Pine. Well Mack here has finished eating his apple and wants to dispose of it thoughtfully in the bin. So on the way to the bin he brushes past Felicity. Felicity is the total opposite of Mack, she is smaller in stature but loud in volume, she is generally correct and never loses an argument. Be that over directions, the temperature of the kettle, or where to put stamps on the envelope.
Here poor Mack is trying to keep his country neat and tidy, but a tidal wave (cause by underground seismic activity due to weeks of annoyance) of mistrust, and insecurity Felicity is out ranged because Mack acted as though she wasn't there. Felicity was just part of the trees and bushes along this park as he slightly brushed against her to maintain the current walking speed while trying to put an apple core in a bin.

You can see from the picture above, Mack is totally oblivious to how Felicity is feeling. Felicity is totally annoyed and it shows. However, he has a cool jacket.

Noooooooo the afternoon stroll has turned into a battle about, insecurity, love, selflessness, noticing me, ignoring me. There are two sides to this lovers tryst, on Mack's side of the fence, the straight and narrow with the classical "sorry darling i was just trying to do the right thing", and "I'm sorry", and on Felicity's side, you never notice me, I am just part of the scenery, don't you understand my feelings, the list goes on and it deepens..
I am sure each and everyone of us have gone through this situation before, where the man, in this case Mack, is doing the right thing for his country, but accidentally knocks his beloved out in the process. Sure his clumsy that's his nature. But to avoid crossing over the line with Felicty he sympathetically apologises. In Felicity's eyes this isn't good enough.

Well that's when Truong comes in to help poor Mack out, it's very easy, Act 1 scene 2,
Go back to the bin, reach in, take the apple out, go back to the point where you are about to put the apple in the bin, walk hand in hand with your beloved, then say " Sorry Floss, can we just pause a minute so i can put this apple in the bin" or if your short for words, sorry doll face, I am just going to put this apple in the bin, excuse me"

Simple, done, no arguments guarantee, this shows that Mack really loves Floss and he will do anything to not take the plunge into Mt Doom, to go battle with the Balrog, lets face it Gangdalf ain't here so you are in between a rock and a hard place, most likely inbetween a diamond mine and a volcano. These places are best to avoid unless you want to end up with burnt pancakes on Shrove tuesday. I for one, would like my pancakes with a dob of butter and Lyle's golden syrup.
So lets follow the simple rules of Act 1 Scene 2, mistake, unhappy beloved, rewind, replay, and resolved. Smiles all around.

Arrrrhhhh what to do in Sydney this weekend? It's going to be a big weekend, it's the last weekend before the no alcohol, no meat and no pleasure season of Lent, where we as Catholic try to give up something we like. So I am going to give you permission, for a four day assault on the senses to knock you silly and prepare yourselves for 40 days of fasting. with a 4 day feast a thon beginning on Saturday and ending of Shrove Tuesday.

Saturday, the big breakfast, Traditional English style. If you are a fan of the big breakfast, or the big fry up, or anything that is high in flavour and taste just head down to Ivan's deli, in Chester Hill for your supplies of Black Pudding, pork Sausages, bacon, eggs, beef sausages, baked beans, and polish bread. Then drive to a bottle store, get yourself some strong milk based alcohol then go onto a local park, put it all on a BBQ and eat away.
A great place to do this is Homebush park, because you can go for a stroll afterwards.

Sunday lunch. Have you ever walked home from the city via Petersham? Have you noticed wafting on the airwaves, the burning hickory smoke mixed with paprika, then your mouth begins to water. It is due to Petersham Portuguese chicken, this Sunday head down to any of the Petersham Portuguese chicken and feast till your Portuguese pot belly is puffed.

Monday, in the Truong Tradition for the love of Korean BBQ, catch a train to Strathfield head to Korean BBQ place near the Commonwealth bank, and get ready for a feast. Remember to buy lots of Soju, and bring lots of friends.

Tuesday, pancakes, crepes, and cognac. This is going to be a knock out combination so be prepared to be repented on Ash Wednesday. I like my crepes savoury and my pancakes sweet so Banh Xeo, would be an awesome addition to this.

Now friends, I hope you have a beautiful weekend and I look forward to hearing about your four days of feasting, for forty days of fasting.
Goodbye, fair well and until we meet again.

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