Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stone wall,

Hello, salutations, and welcome. We have come to another end to the working week. It has been such a marvellous week, marvellous because I am still here writing to you all. We better spare some prayers for our neighbours in Japan and the middle east where they are all suffering. You may have wonder why I have taken so long to write a blog. The simple answer is there has been a mental block. This mental block is like a stone jammed in between a brook and ranging torrent. You can see that even a small stone can block a mighty river, but for only a small amount of time. Well here comes the tide of thoughts that i wish to express.

If you have been following my life at the present time, you are aware that I will be married soon more precisely in May. I must add now it is a wedding with all the bells and whistles. This includes a solemn high mass in the Tridentine rite, can you believe it Truong. An immigrant from Vietnam, coming to Australia marrying the, most! beautiful girl in Australia, in Tridentine rite. The Tridentine rite is the mass for kings, queens, fl etchers, coopers and seam tress all are welcomed, when one decides to be joined in Holy matrimony. In summary it is just breathtaking and transcending. You are lifted by the angels to new internal heights and bought right down again with a thump and clump clump as you stubble your way with the Homily. I must say sometimes a Homily can even break ones leg in two places.

Well moving along, it is crunch time now and I have discovered a reoccurring trait that men all suffer from. It is the effect of building a wall, ever since God created man, men have always like to build. I was pretty sure Adam in the garden of eden was making a stone table and chair to sit on while he spoke to the animals. He would have even made a bridge so that he could cross the river dividing the garden, because no body wants soggy wet feet, especially if he had to carry even across all the time. In the modern sence all men like to build, a cave for our spouse, or that shed to gather our thoughts and sometimes a cubby house.
Generally our buildings shelter and nourish relationships but sometimes our buildings can be made to deter, and entrap feelings. These include building a wooden fence, a colorbond fence, a stone wall, or even a re-enforced concrete wall like that of the Berlin wall.

Let me spill out a situation here, David here likes to avoid conflict since the day of his wedding is coming up, and he knows to keep Sarah happy he will do everything he can to make her happy. For instance it is a beautiful Sunday afternoon, they have gone out for a lovely pub meal followed by conversation by the bay. Like always David, being a man always has little blemishes and tends to stuff up even a flawless Sunday. Sarah goes all out on him. I mean like a NATO air-strike, followed by long range toma hawk missiles. So what does poor David do? He puts up a temporary boundary, only a temporary one, a couple of mounds of dirt with a row of petunias to set up a small fence.

Over the week, communication has stopped so he decides to spend his time putting in wooden stakes into the ground. He pulls out the old Wattyl Solar guard and slowly paints the fence Federation green, with brown tips. It is a wonderful fence and he is happy with himself.
Sarah allows this to happen because she knows that if she waits long enough David will start to apologise and it will be all love and kisses. However she doesn't see the fence because she lives on the other side of town. On the other hand David is still admiring his handy work, he doesn't understand what had upset Sarah and to maintain the peace he ignores the situation.

As time moves on, David has made a few trips to Bunnings and the local flower power. He is ready to move onto the next stage of fence making, a brick wall. This is going to take time and poor Sarah hasn't heard from him in weeks. This is not a good situation, because once things are set in mortar then that spells the end of any relationship. So when you are at flower power don't buy the bricks David, buy a beautiful bouquet.

Gosh Truong is full of nonsense you probably are scratching your head. If you are then you must have dandruff, a great way to get rid of dandruff is to use Brylcreem with anti-dandruff protection. On a serious note here I want to address the issue of building up a boundary to avoid conflict, resulting in poor communication. In general, it might sound like a great idea at first to smooth things over but it has no fruits and your relationship is worst off. Men need to be explorers not to hide behind fences, we need to see what is the problem and hit it head on with carbon steel spear.

In this situation concerning David and Sarah, where David had already started building a fence there is still hope because a pickled fence always has slits. Beams of radiating love will always shine through and if David can see this, communication will resume and the exploration of the new territory will begin again. So let us not build fence or boundaries at all, because it is much better to live a life without regrets then to leave things to chance.

I know in my heart as I enter into marriage a part of me is very scared. It is like I am a sailor on The Santa Maria voyaging to the ends of the earth. I am so afraid, that looking beyond the horizon I can only see the edge of the water. Who knows where this journey goes, and building up fences, or a temporary dam can only stop my journey for a short time. It is only a matter of minutes, hours, days or if I am smart I can anchor for while, but in the end the boat will surge to the edge.

I thank everyone for their support of this blog without your patronage I would not have the motivation to really peel back the layers of my brain to express in blog form. Now everyone is wondering what on Earth there is to do in Sydney on the weekend? Gosh the list is endless but I have a few ideas that will be appealing most people in Sydney.

We are now officially at the end of summer day light savings time , Autumn is well and truly with us, the temperature is dropping and the south easterly winds is blowing at our sides. This is the perfect weather to head out to the Blue Mountains. One of the most beatutiful roads I have ever seen would be Falls Rd in Wentworth Falls, located 1 hour from Parramatta. The colour, smell, and feel of this area reaches into the soul. It drives a rusty nail into our broken human nature, we are only but children reaching out to hold onto the last part of summer, and when we grab it in our hands it slips away. We sometimes cry when this happens because happy memories are only just that, growing up and understanding change is another. So why not head up to the mountains for the last piece of warmth before the summer is gone. If you haven't been lucky in love lately maybe it's a chance you do not want to miss.

On the other hand the NRL season has just begun and pledge my support to the Parrmatta Eels. if you are a happy camper why not go out to a Friday/Saturday/Sunday or Monday game to support our national sport. Hear the cries, shouts, tears, and bones cracking as your local gladiators take to battle.

So enjoy the break, because I know everyone deserves a mini- holiday every 5 days.

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